Hot Spring Theme Park: Ooedo Onsen Monogatari (大江戸温泉物語)

Tokyo’s first and only onsen (hot spring) theme park, Ooedo Onsen Monogatari (大江戸温泉物語), is located at Odaiba.

There are indoor and outdoor baths, a foot bath and also a re-creation of a traditional street scene from the period when Tokyo was called Edo. Unfortunately, these were the days when digital cameras were not commonly used yet and I didn’t take many pictures. In addition, we can’t take pictures in the onsen areas (except the foot bath) otherwise it would be considered an invasion of privacy.

When you arrive at the onsen theme park, you will be present with a choice of yukatas to choose from and you’ll need to pick out a design which you like and you can walk around the theme park wearing this yukata.

Outdoor Foot Bath area:

According to this onsen theme park’s website – “An artificial carbonated spring fills this 50-metre long pathway through a traditionally landscaped Japanese garden spread over 2,300 square metres. The smooth round stones embedded in the floor of this bath stimulate the soles of the feet, so a stroll through the water here is a great way to relieve fatigue.”

The supposedly “smooth round stones” were quite easy to walk on until you encounter those long green ones which were placed in an upright position — I was almost in tears trying to walk across them as my feet never hurt so bad!! Had to sit by the side of the pool for awhile, else would have been uncontrollably shedding tears and it was almost impossible to continue walking (yes, it was THAT PAINFUL!!). The traditional Chinese doctors may say that I’m unhealthy…haha…

However painful that experience, I’m proud to say that I completed walking the entire 50-metre pathway although I may have taken a longer time to walk it as compared to this elderly couple who seemed to have done it effortlessly (or maybe they have hard skin on the soles of their feet?? **grin**).

It’s quite an interesting experience and if you have run out of things to do in Tokyo, you may want to consider visiting this place. However, if you really want an authentic onsen experience where the onsen water will make your skin feel smooth, I would recommend that you visit Hakone instead.

Getting there:
There are several ways of getting there but I find the most convenient is to take the New Transit Yurikamome (ゆりかもめ) and get off at Telecom Center Station (東京テレポート駅). Ooedo Onsen Monogatari is just a 3min walk from the station.

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