Cosplay at Harajuku (原宿)

Heard quite a lot about the cosplayers at Harajuku (原宿) in Tokyo so I decided to check it out for myself…

Every weekend, these cosplayers will congregate near the entrance to the Meiji Jingu Shrine (outside the giant torii gate). If you take the JR Yamanote line to Harajuku station, it’s just a couple of minutes walk from the station.

Here are some of the costumes seen…

These seem to be quite popular and you can see quite a number of young people wearing this costume…
However, the guy on the extreme left looks like he might be dressed up as one of those anime/manga characters.

Err…not sure who she’s dressed up as?

This one looked like something out of a thriller (i.e. some kind of ghost?)… LOL…

Also not sure about this one but she posed for me.

If you want to take any photos, it’s best to ask first as some are willing to pose for you but others may not allow you to take their picture.

For those of you visiting Tokyo, make sure you go to Harajuku to check out the latest “fashion”! (^o^)

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