TRANSFORMERS The Ride Press Conference

The highlight of 2011 for me at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) was the launch of TRANSFORMERS The Ride.

Was pleasantly surprised that RWS had invited a group of their Facebook Fans to attend the press conference of the launch on 2nd December 2011 at 4:30pm (this was one of the highlights of the Fans Day Out#3).

We only found out about 1 hour before the start of the press conference that we were going to attend this! However, there were some conditions attached – we weren’t allowed to raise our hands and ask any questions. Neither were we allowed to try and take any pictures together with Michael Bay.

Each of us were given one of these passes to enter USS and it also gained us access into the cordoned off area at Sci-Fi City where the press conference was being held.

Waiting for the press conference to start…

The media from around the globe were covering this event!

The problem is…when the press conference started, all the reporters rushed to the front and were standing and blocking the view of everyone who was seated behind!!

Wasn’t happy about not being able to see what was happening at the stage area so I asked if I could stand near the front rather than be seated right at the back as I couldn’t take any pictures there.

Managed to find a reasonable spot to get my pics although the security personnel had their eye on me the whole time!… ^_^

From Left to Right: John Hallenbeck (Vice President – Park Operations, USS), Michael Bay (Director/Producer), Thierry Coup (Senior Vice President, Universal Creative) and Robin Goh (RWS Blog Host).

Some close-up shots…


This picture was taken towards the end of the press conference, by which most reporters had already returned to their seats.

Here is an excerpt from the press conference:

FB Fans taking a group pic with EVAC after going on TRANSFORMERS The Ride.

We had an AWESOME time!!

Many thanks to RWS for inviting us!!
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