Boogie Countdown at USS

This was the New Year’s Eve event (6pm-1am) held at Universal Studios Singapore, to countdown to 2012. Unlike last year’s countdown party which was by invitation only, this year’s event was open to all who had a valid ticket to enter (day ticket holders, event ticket holders, Action Pass holders and Superstar Pass holders). Got a copy of the event brochure when I entered the park and my husband and I decided to spend the night feasting at the restaurants with the “Eat-All-You-Can” Meal Deal! LOL…

By paying $49.90 (Annual Pass holders got 20% off the price), you were allowed to eat at all of the 7 participating restaurants/food outlets all night starting from 7pm (depending on the operation hours listed on the brochure).

Bought the Meal Deal (you’re given a green wristband to wear for identification at the outlets) and also the Drink-All-You-Can Deal where you get a Souvenir Bottle which you can use to enjoy free flow of beer or soda (coke/sprite).

The Meal Deal only starts from 7pm. Thus at 6pm, I had made a reservation at the Hollywood China Bistro for 7:15pm, anticipating the restaurant to be packed at dinnertime and I got my bottle filled with soda so that I could enjoy it whilst watching the Hollywood Dreams Parade.


Had also strategically positioned ourselves near the starting point of the parade (between Lost World and Ancient Egypt) so that we could head over to the Hollywood China Bistro as soon as the parade was over and before the crowds at New York started looking for their dinner.

True enough, when we reached Hollywood, the parade was still on-going at New York and the Far Far Away float had just turned into Vine Street. Thankfully I had made a reservation cos tables at the restaurant were filling up fast!


Hollywood China Bistro
The Meal Deal entitles you to order as many servings as you want from the New Year Set Menu which was priced at $36++ per person. Hmm… sounded good… but I wanted to save my stomach for the other restaurants…Here’s a look at the menu:


Killing time whilst waiting for the food to arrive….. (see also the green wristband).


Assorted Seafood soup with Crab Meat and Spinach – although this looked very “green”, it was nice!


Peking Duck Wrapped with Crepe and Japanese Cucumbers – it was ok


Pan Fried Cod Fish Fillets in Two Styles Sauce with Ee Fu Noodles – the menu clearly mentioned “fillets” but there was only one fillet which was covered in a teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise (is this the “Two Styles Sauce” which they mentioned? I wonder…).
The noodles were tasty and the fish was nice and crispy at the edges. If you overlook the description given on the menu, it was actually quite nice!


Chilled Sweet Potato with Black Glutinous Rice and Yam Ice Cream– this was an interesting dessert. Not too sweet and the yam ice-cream went well with the pulut hitam.Prior to this, I’ve never eaten pulut hitam from a plate (usually it’s in a bowl). Haha…


Hmm… there was a dim sum cart outside the Hollywood China Bistro, perhaps to cater to the countdown crowd?

Headed towards KT’s Grill and and whilst walking in the New York area, I ran into Betelgeuse in his festive outfit and so I snapped this picture. He posed for me, then tried to kiss me and ran off! CHEEKY FELLA!!

I forgot to make a reservation at KT’s Grill, so when we got there, we were told that we had to wait 45mins for a table. Left my contact details for them to phone me when a table was available.
Continued walking in New York towards Sci-Fi City and it was quite crowded as The Rockafellas were performing there.


We then walked to Sci-Fi City hoping to catch one of the “Live” costumed Transformers characters. Saw Bumblebee walking away just when I got there! Aarrgghhh… up to this point of time, I hadn’t taken any pictures of the “Live” Transformers mascots yet.


Went on TRANSFORMERS The Ride and BSG-Human before KT’s called to say that our table was ready.


KT’s Grill
The Meal Deal comprised of a Semi-Buffet and there were 4 main courses which you could choose from. Here’s a copy of the menu:


An assortment of appetisers, salads and desserts were available at the buffet table.


Truffle Mushroom Soup and Bread Rolls – also part of the buffet.


This was my pick from the buffet spread – the Truffle Mushroom soup was superb and warmed my stomach! The Prawn cocktail salad was good and so was that strawberry chocolate tart thingy. Didn’t quite like the bread with duck and onions though…


Roasted Rib-Eye from the Wagon with Provencal Vegetables, Potato Gratin & Green Peppercorn. – loved the potato gratin and the veggies!! The beef tasted like the usual kind of black peppered steak and it was a tad chewy around the edges (I had it done medium).


Roasted Duck Breast on Braised Cabbage with Glazed Apple
Spinach & Gorgonzola Ravioli in Mediterranean Sauce– this was what my husband ordered for his main course. I only tried one slice of the duck and I still preferred my steak over this. I didn’t try the rest of the ingredients in this dish but he seemed to enjoy it and said it was better than my steak! Oh well… at least we each liked what we ordered for ourselves!!


My last helping from the buffet table was an assortment of fruit and one cookie! Haha… was really stuffed after this meal. I wish I could have taken one more bowl of the truffle mushroom soup (cos I love soups and it was good!) but I didn’t have any more room in my stomach!


Walked around the park after the meal and did Lights, Camera, Action!, one more round of Transformers and also managed to track down the “Live” Bumblebee character. There was a long queue of people waiting to get their pictures taken…. and I finally got my picture!
We then stopped by the StarBot Café for a drink refill and couldn’t resist getting some dessert!


StarBot Café
Lychee Pudding – hmm… wonder why they called this ‘pudding’ when it was actually jelly?! The jelly had melted a little cos these cups weren’t placed in the fridge but instead were left on ice at the serving counter. Taste-wise it was fine but it would have been better if the jelly was firmer and with less melted liquid in the cup.


Entertainment for the Boogie Countdown
MamaMia (A tribute to ABBA) at New York


The FabFour (A tribute to The Beatles) at Hollywood


Ok, by now everyone started gathering for the countdown and the hosts were trying to rev up the crowd.


Here’s everyone doing the “USS Wave”…


USS mascots also went on stage for the countdown.




I found myself draped in shiny gold party streamers at midnight as there were about 4 or 5 extremely long strips which landed on me and I got entangled in them! LOL… sorry no pictures of me in that situation cos I was trying to unravel my camera and myself from that “web”. My husband was puzzled as to what happened to me cos he’s much taller than me and none of the streamers fell on him! **scratching my head too**


The Lake Hollywood Spectacular show came on after the countdown.
When the fireworks display ended, The FabFour then took the stage again and played into the night. 
We decided to call it a night and left with the majority of the crowd. Overall it was a pleasant evening with nice music, good food and of course not forgetting the attractions/rides.
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