Hollywood Dreams Parade (ハリウッド・ドリームス・パレード)

New Year’s Eve (31-Dec-2011 at 6:30pm) marked the launch of the Hollywood Dreams Parade (Universal Studios Singapore’s first ever parade). This parade will be held thereafter every Saturday, Sunday and on selected holidays at 6pm.

The parade route starts from the Lost World and makes its way through Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City and New York, exiting at Vine Street just before The Brown Derby (that hat shop where everyone seems to be trying on the hats and posing for photos rather than buying them).I was trying to decide which was the best place to view the parade from and decided to settle against a lamppost somewhere between the Lost World and Ancient Egypt instead of at New York as I didn’t want to have to wait THAT long before the parade made its way there.

Enough said – here’s the start of the parade…

Having been used to watching parades from various theme parks across the globe, I was kinda expecting something more fanciful than these 2 guys pushing the opening float. The music was rather soft as it came from the float rather than from the speakers in the park. At times you could barely hear the music and it looked rather strange for the 2 guys to be dancing to no music. I must applaud them though for their enthusiasm and great energy as they were all-smiles throughout.

Rolling Marquee & Stars in Car

Next up were these ribbon-twirling dancers decked in film reels, trailed by Woody in a director’s chair and Mae West in the same car, with press photographers in tow.

One of the “press photographers” came up to me and said “Say Cheese!” and the bright camera flash went off. I immediately pointed my camera back at him and took his picture! LOL… it was good interaction and certainly made me smile.


Tribal dancers led the way for the Madagascar floats with Alex the lion at the front.

It must be tiring for the costumed characters who were attached to both sides of the tree and had to bounce up and down the whole time!  Ohh…and the puffer fish squirt water at you!…

King Julien was seated at the back of the first float which was trailed by the penguins.

The penguins of Madagascar – this lot were a mischievous bunch!

Kowalski was holding a water hose and I was a little apprehensive about getting my camera wet. Had a brief stare-me-down session with the penguins and just when I let my guard down, I found myself being squirted with the water hose and my camera got wet too!  Pesky penguins….GRRR….

The next float was fronted by Melman, with Gloria and Marty behind.
Beware, Melman spits water at unsuspecting individuals!!
Far Far Away
The characters from Shrek came next…
Beware… the innocent-looking sunflowers on this float squirt water at unsuspecting bystanders too!
The dragon’s keep with Puss in Boots and Pinocchio at the rear of the float.
I put my camera down to wave at Puss and he was a real charmer – he pointed at me and signalled me to phone him! Unfortunately, I was caught up in the moment and forgot to capture it! LOL.. (but you can see it in my video at the bottom of this page)
The Lost World
The next segment was from the prehistoric era of the Lost World…
Ohhh… dinosaur hatchlings spotted at the passenger seat of the jeep!
Here’s another look…
A baby T-Rex was at the back of the vehicle so no prizes for guessing what or who would be trailing closely behind….
I think this would have be the “scariest” float in the parade!  It was really impressive!!
Beware of the water-spitting Dilophosaurus at the back of the float. Thank God I didn’t get hit by this one!!

Revenge of the Mummy

These warriors looked menacing but they have nice abs! (^o^)

The Scorpion King – his tail squirts “venom” at bystanders…
Rick & Evie on the float with Imhotep.
Rick gets into fight with the Mummy Warriors…
Here’s another look at the float and Imhotep…
View of the back of the float.

Ardeth Bay was fighting the Mummy Warriors too.

Suddenly without warning, the Mummy Warriors “froze” for several minutes…
….but they soon picked up and continued on with the procession…
Scarab beetle performers trailed behind the float.
That’s a Wrap
The final procession had dancers spelling out “Hollywood” and the stilt walkers looked like they were having a blast!

This was followed on by the float with Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop on it.

Poor Marilyn was having some difficulty trying to keep her skirt down! Haha…

Back of the float which was spewing bubbles for the champagne bottles behind the float.

….and that’s the end of the parade!

After all the hype with TRANSFORMERS The Ride, I was surprised and kinda disappointed that Sci-Fi City wasn’t represented at the parade.

Overall it was interesting and worth watching but the experience would have been better if the sound system was better. Not bad for the first run of the parade and great energy from the performers!

Here’s my video of the parade:

Interesting Snippets
The crew members stationed along the parade route wear uniforms with a cloth badge on their left sleeve, which bears the emblem of the parade.I asked one of the crew members to stop and let me take this picture. Haha…

The parade’s theme song “Hollywood Dreams” was written and produced by British composer Ian Habgood. (http://www.habgoodmusic.com/amusement_park_music.html)

Lyrics (from what I can make out from the song thus far)

Chorus 1:
Hollywood where movies never end….uh-oh uh-oh
Movie stars are coming to town to make new friends….yeah
Hollywood where dreams will never end….uh-oh uh-oh
Wanna be a movie star then just join them

Look around and celebrate the beat
Movie stars are here for you to meet
Lose control let the rhythm of the beat
Dance with movie stars
Celebration on the streets

Chorus 2:

Hollywood where movies never end….uh-oh uh-oh
Movie stars are coming to town to make new friends….yeah
Hollywood where dreams will never end….uh-oh uh-oh
The Hollywood Dreams Parade will party on….and on and on
The Hollywood Dreams Parade will party on
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One thought on “Hollywood Dreams Parade (ハリウッド・ドリームス・パレード)

  1. J

    Can’t wait for this to be back mid-November! Can’t wait to see new, exciting changes (hopefully)! Recently Rick O’Connell, Evy and Ardeth Bay have stopped doing meets, so I wonder of they will still be in the parade. If not, I wonder what becomes of the Mummy unit.


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