Bistro One Zero Three

I was surfing the net to find places to eat located along the part of the Circle Line which was near my office and came across this restaurant, so I thought I’d give it a try… Gathered some of my colleagues and we dropped in for lunch (we’ve been going back ever since!).

The interior of the restaurant was very cozy and it had a homely feel to it. Seating seems to be quite limited since this restaurant resides in a corner shophouse.


They have a set lunch promotion on weekdays, whereby if you order a main course (spaghetti or meat) from the menu, it comes with the Soup of the Day and a glass of Iced Lemon Tea. On one of my visits, they ran out of Iced Lemon Tea and substituted with Lime Juice.

Here’s a look at their menu….


The Soup of the Day has been different each time I patronize this restaurant. Here are some of the soups that I’ve had…

Sweet Corn – this was delicious and was a bit like a chowder cos every mouthful of it was filled with ingredients.

Sweet Corn Soup

Seafood Cream Soup – Yummy with bits of salmon and clam in it!

Cream of Corn – Nice corn soup and if you’re wondering if it’s the same as the sweet corn soup mentioned above, it’s actually different.

Oven-baked BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($26.90++)
This was one of the mains recommended by the waiter. It was well-marinated, the meat was very tender and could easily fall off the bone when you cut into it! There was enough BBQ sauce spread over the ribs and I enjoyed every morsel of it!! YUMMY!

BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Marinated Lamb Shoulder Rack ($33++)
This was the other dish recommended by the waiter. My colleague ordered this and I tried a small piece of the lamb – it was tender but still had that “lamby taste” which I don’t quite fancy. Anyway, my colleague enjoyed it! (…and he has been ordering this on subsequent visits so I guess he’s hooked on this dish!)

Marinated Lamb Shoulder

Cajun Chicken ($18.90++)
My other colleague ordered this and I took a bite – the chicken tasted okay but I didn’t realize it was cajun chicken until after the meal. There wasn’t any taste of cajun spices so if this is supposed to be “cajun” then I would be disappointed! Otherwise this chicken dish actually tasted quite nice.

Cajun Chicken

Crispy Duck Leg ($24.90++)
Oohhh… the meat was quite crispy, especially around the edges! Never had duck leg done this way before and it was really good! However the portion looked a little small if you compare it to the ribs which were around the same price range. I think duck is more expensive than pork?

Crispy Duck Leg

Oatmeal Fish & Chips ($17.90++)
It sounded interesting so one of my colleagues ordered this. Looks interesting too!

Spaghetti with Escargots & Mushrooms in a Tomato Cream sauce ($17.90++)
Decided to try this as I’ve never had pasta with escargots before! It was something different but I still think that I prefer having escargots in garlic butter!

Spaghetti with Salmon & Crab Meat in a Cream sauce($18.90++)

Kurobuta Pork Neck Steak ($29.90++)
The pork was tender and it was good.

ABK6 Cognac Braised Beef Short Ribs ($27.90++)
Wow…what can I say… Absolutely love the gravy!! The beef was tender and the sauce went well with the combination of meat, mash and veggies.

Warm Walnut Brownie ($6++)
The brownie was soft and moist and done perfectly! This usually comes with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream but they ran out that day and substituted with a scoop of honey fig ice-cream instead. Never had fig in ice-cream before and it was actually quite nice!

Overall, the food was excellent and this restaurant is definitely worth repeated visits!! ^_^

Bistro 103
103 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118531
Tel: +65 6476 6373

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