RWS Invites 4-course Chef’s Special at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Yay, I finally dined at this celebrity chef restaurant!!

Had signed up for the RWS Invites membership and chose the dining option as part of the welcome package and was really looking forward to it!

Interior of the restaurant – as there were only 2 of us, we were seated at the counter seats (you’ll need at least 4 in your party to get a table seat).

Here’s what you’ll get on the RWS Invites menu…
(this comprises of a selection of the restaurant’s signature dishes)

The staff took our drink orders and after our drinks had arrived, we were served with a basketful of bread.

crémeux de foies blonds au vin de porto, en écume parmesane
Foie gras custard with red Porto wine and parmesan foam

This came in a tiny glass and looked rather unassuming. When I dipped my teaspoon in and took the first mouthful, I was totally blown away! The foie gras custard was very smooth and you can taste the fragrance of the foie gras, which was complemented very nicely with the parmesan foam. This really stimulated our tastebuds in anticipation of the rest of the meal.
Aww… can we have another serving?? (yes, it was THAT GOOD!)

épicé aux fines lamelles de raves à l’aigre-doux
King crab on thin layers of turnip with sweet and sour sauce

I guess I may have set my expectations a little high on this dish when I saw “king crab” on the menu. This was served as two bite-sized portions and had a slightly sour taste to it which reminded me of a mild version of Japanese pickles. I assumed the crab meat was hidden between the turnip slices but I didn’t take the morsels apart to scrutinise further. The sauce was interesting but I still preferred the appetiser to this (what can I say…I’m always biased when it comes to foie gras…LOL).

parmesane à l’œuf coque et copeaux de jambon Ibérique
Green asparagus with boiled egg and Iberico ham

In my opinion, this was the most under-estimated dish on the entire RWS Invites menu as it sounded quite ordinary except for the Iberico ham which hails from Spain.

Out of the 3 main courses, I think this one was my favourite (hmm… looks like I may no longer biased towards foie gras?).

The ham was thinly sliced, had a nice texture and was flavourful! Although it was extremely salty if you ate it on its own, the egg and the asparagus helped to neutralise the saltiness of the ham. I was trying very hard not to break the egg yolk but failed miserably and the yellow goodness oozed out and spread all over the plate! Thankfully we still had bread to help mop up the egg else it would have been impossible to savour the broken yolk with only a knife and fork! There was also a hint of parmesan in this dish. NICE!! (^_^)

au foie gras, caramélisée avec une purée de pommes de terre
Foie gras filled free-range quail with mashed potatoes

This was served with an extra bowl of mash potatoes on the side and we were told that it’s “the best mashed potato in the world!!”. Gosh…they are really bold to proclaim that!
Thought the mash in the bowl kinda made it look like a dessert. Tucked into the mash first and found it to be really creamy with a lovely buttery flavour. Mashed potato is one of my comfort foods and when we were told we could have another helping if we wanted, we took up that offer! (^o^)

The quail was a little difficult to eat especially the wing portion as it was difficult to slice due to its size. The chefs had left the tip of the bone bare so that you can pick it up with your fingers and bite off the meat! The other 2 portions of the quail on the plate had a little foie gras stuffed in them. Somehow I wasn’t quite blown away by the flavours but it was still good.

surprise au chocolat ivoire, acidulé aux framboises
The sphere coated with ivory chocolate and tangy raspberries

When I saw the name of this dessert, I imagined a round chocolate ball (brown) being served to me but when dessert was eventually served, I was shocked to see it was BRIGHT RED!! Haha…. It was actually white chocolate coloured red (on the outer layer) and looked pretty with a piece of gold flake on top of the sphere, flanked by raspberries and more white chocolate.

The “surprise” part came when the serving staff poured warm raspberry sauce over my dessert and “destroyed” the sphere before I could take a photo!! Thus, I had to snap a picture of my friend’s dessert whilst holding off the same server who was very eager to pour the sauce over her dessert.

BEFORE: (took this pic of my friend’s dessert but from at an awkward angle)

AFTER: (see what happened to the sphere after the sauce was poured over!)

The chocolate sphere contained something like a milk custard cream inside and the raspberry sauce made the dessert very refreshing! I was quite impressed with the flavours!!

escorté d’une mignardise
Escorted by a sweet

The meal ended off with a choice of coffee or tea – I chose to have green tea.
Mmm… The green tea had a lovely aroma, was light and refreshing and reminded me of one of the teas which I’ve previously tried in Kyoto.

Initially I thought that the little brown morsel which was served with my tea was a little cookie but when I picked it up, it was soft and still warm and was actually a cake-like thingy! When I put it into my mouth, I was pleasantly surprised that there was melted chocolate in it – this was like a miniature lava cake!! Just when you thought the meal was over, you get yet another surprise! ^_^

Apart from the food, the service at this restaurant was also excellent! The staff were friendly, chatty and attentive. They really made you feel right at home. We also met Diego, the restaurant manager, who is full of charisma and seems to be brimming with endless energy.

When each course was being served, the staff serving the dish will explain the dish to you. They will also check on you every now and then to ensure your needs are met.

The restaurant was almost full after 8pm and all the staff were extremely busy and thus didn’t have time to chat as much. If you are the talkative sort and loves attention, it’s best to arrive early at the restaurant (close to opening time) when it’s not that busy yet, then you’ll get all the undivided attention that you can get! LOL…

Here’s a pic which we took a pic with Diego Requena, the restaurant manager, a Spaniard who speaks with a French accent.

Other Observations…
The kitchen area is decorated with various fruit and veggies (and eggs) and is really a colourful sight to behold! According to the restaurant manager, the decor is changed daily. Wow…really? That’ll take a lot of work to redecorate!!

Here’s part of the kitchen display:

Throughout our meal, we noticed there was a suckling pig roasting over the fire for ages so just before we left, we enquired about it. Apparently it’s being slow-roasted for 4 hours and they started at 6pm so it will only be done at 10pm. We were also told that it would be thrown away if not eaten. The restaurant closes at 10:30pm so it makes me wonder if anyone will have their dinner at 10pm and order the suckling pig? Seems like a waste if it were to be thrown away! I’m open to donations if they don’t want it! ^_^

The kitchen is an open concept and we could see the chefs at work. It was quite interesting and the chefs were really busy ensuring that every dish was perfect. Wonder if they ever feel stressed having customers watch them work? Anyway, they did a really good job as I do think that our meal was a gastronomic delight!!

Definitely worth another visit! (i.e. if the wallet allows)

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Hotel Michael, Level 1
Resorts World Sentosa
8 Sentosa Gateway,
Singapore 098269.

Operating Hours: 6pm to 10:30pm

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