Rakuichi (楽市) – April Lunch Special

It’s been a while since I’ve been here so I decided to drop in for lunch.

Entrance to the restaurant:

Couldn’t decide what to order until I saw this April Special (Tokubetsu Set) which was only available for lunch.

Standing by to “attack” the food when it arrives! LOL…

Sweet Corn Salad – This was a nice salad with a refreshing and slightly spicy vinaigrette dressing.

Assorted Semi-Grilled Sushi – I sat at the counter and saw the chef using a blow torch to cook this! The taste of the sushi was good and was paired well with the sauces but I felt the chef’s sushi making skills could be improved as there were 2 pieces where the sushi rice fell apart the moment I picked up the sushi with my chopsticks! Didn’t really like the second piece from top-left which was rather chewy. The bright green sauce on that piece of sushi, second from bottom-left, was actually a wasabi sauce!!

Seafood and Vegetable Clustered Tempura – The tempura tasted quite normal but I didn’t really see much seafood in it as it comprised mainly of vegetables and only about 2 or 3 mini pieces of scallop.

Grilled Skewer of the Day with Seaweed and Tofu Miso Soup – The soup was the typical miso soup done just right with enough seaweed and cubes of tofu to keep you happy. The skewers on the other hand comprised of 3 pieces of sweet potato on one skewer, the mid-joint of a chicken wing on the second skewer and pieces of salmon, onion and red/green capsicums on the third skewer which was dipped in teriyaki sauce. Don’t remember ever having yakitori for lunch before but this was nice.

Sesame Ice Cream – The black sesame ice cream was very fragrant and the flavour was extremely concentrated. This is definitely one of the better sesame ice creams which I’ve eaten!

Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant
545 Orchard Road
Far East Shopping Centre
(Next to Hilton Hotel)
Singapore 238882.

Telephone: (+65) 6737 0757

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