Orange Lantern at HarbourFront

Have been patronising this restaurant for several years already and here are some of my top picks…

Nem Cung Đình 越南宮廷春卷
Vietnamese Imperial Rolls – Out of the three types of spring rolls which the restaurant serves, this is my favourite! I especially like the spring roll skin which
looks like a piece of netting.

Chả Giò 越南春卷
Vietnamese Spring Rolls – This is my 2nd choice out of the 3 different types of spring rolls. The Imperial Rolls still taste better.

Cơm Gà Bì Chả Trứng 烤鸡扒饭
Grilled Chicken Chop with Rice – This dish comes with a fried egg and some minced meat with egg thingy.

Vietnamese Chicken Curry with Rice – A lovely curry dish which is extremely popular with some of my overseas visitors who aren’t too adventurous with food!

Chè Ba Màu 三色冰
Three Colours – This is the Vietnamese version of chendol. You can consider ordering this if you are still hungry after having the main course as it contains red beans, jelly, etc.

Vietnamese White Coffee – Coffee and boiling water are placed in a metal filter which drips the coffee down into the cup below. Once all the coffee has dripped down into the cup, you can remove the metal filter and enjoy the coffee.

Orange Lantern
1 Maritime Sq
#01-98 HarbourFront Centre
Tel: 6274 1968
Operating Hours: 11am – 10pm daily

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