KPT at Blk 401, Hougang Ave 10

This coffee shop is called KPT (abbreviation of kopitiam, a.k.a. coffee shop) and there are many good food stalls located here.

Love the dishes being served at this Chinese Economy Rice stall.

Here are some of their dishes (served with either rice or rice porridge)… ^_^

The “tze char” stall located next to this stall is also operated by the same owner and serves really tasty food too! You can often find a long queue at the “tze char” stall, with most people waiting to “tar pao” (i.e. take-away or take-out).

My favourite stall out of all the stalls at KPT is the rojak stall and this probably gets my vote for the best rojak in the Hougang/Sengkang area! This rojak stall shares the shop space with the Golder Rooster stall which specializes in deep-fried chicken. Business at the rojak stall is good so be prepared to wait at least 10-20 min before your order is fulfilled.

The dough fritters and taupok are toasted before being served and this gives an extra crunch to the dish (I don’t like soggy dough fritters)! The sauce is well mixed and has the right proportion of prawn paste, lime and ginger flower which makes it fragrant and there is also a generous sprinkling of chopped peanuts over it.


Many people love the fried chicken from the Golder Rooster stall but I’m trying to cut down on deep-fried foods so I don’t have a picture to show here. I’ve tried it previously and the chicken is quite good.

KPT Coffee Shop
Blk 401, Hougang Ave 10,
(opposite Punggol Park)
Singapore 530401.

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