The Handburger at 313@Somerset

This restaurant is owned by The Soup Spoon family of restaurants and it is a full service restaurant except when it’s time to settle the bill, you’ll have to queue at the cashier to make your payment.

The restaurant menu is held together by a clipboard.

The Handburger Original ($13.80++) – Grilled 150g of 100% NZ grass-fed prime beef, sweet onion jam, cheddar cheese, handmade barbeque sauce on a bed of coral lettuce and a tomato on a toasted caramelised onion bun.

All burgers come with a side, which is a choice of Chunky Fries, House Salad or Mushroom Soup. We chose to have the mushroom soup as we had ordered some vegetable crisps for our side dish.

The mushroom soup was of the right consistency and had generous bits of mushroom in it. I was quite happy with the soup and my hubby said it’s similar to the one I make at home! ^_^

The beef patty is made from minced beef and the waitress said if you order it well done, it will turn out extremely tough (even tougher than the normal well done steak! Hmm…). Anyway, this one in the picture is of medium doneness.

Duck Confit Burger ($16.80++) – Grilled whole boneless duck leg confit in hand made orange sauce, baby snow pea sprouts, mandarin oranges on a bed of coral lettuce and a tomato on a toasted caramelised bun.

The sauce was a little sweet and I couldn’t really taste the orange in it. Overall, it was quite a nice burger but I found it rather clumsy to eat this with a knife and fork! LOL…

Waffle Vegetable Crisps ($5.80++) – This comprised of various vegetables which were thinly sliced and deep fried into crisps. I especially liked the sweet potato crisps. The sweet and tangy dipping sauce which came with it, went well with the crisps.

Coffee Milkshake ($4.50++) – This was a combination of soft-serve vanilla ice cream topped with coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker so this was my hubby’s drink and according to him, this milkshake was very smooth.

Lychee with Mint Crush ($5.50++) – Just like the way it looks, this was quite a “green” drink as mint leaves were ground and blended into the slushed ice, and mixed with bits of lychee. It’s something different and quite refreshing.

The Dessert Burger ($6.90++) – A 70% dark coverture chocolate patty filled with macadamia nuts, topped with apple cream cheese filling on a bed of butter icing and strawberries on a fluffy donut bun.

Those who like dark bitter chocolate will love this! When you bite into the “chocolate patty”, you’ll find that it has an extra crunch due to the macadamia nuts. Not bad… and I thought the whole presentation was very cute as it looked like a mini burger.

Apple Tarte Tartin ($6.90++) – Crisp Granny Smith apple slices baked on puff pastry, sprinkled with brown sugar and served with soft-serve vanilla ice cream.

The 3 thinly-sliced fresh green apple slices gave an extra crunch to the dessert but the pastry base was a bit difficult to tear apart with just a fork and spoon. Wasn’t the best apple tarte that I’ve eaten but it was still good. Quite a filling end to the meal! ^_^

Although the food was really good at this place, the service has much room for improvement. As the tables were placed side-by-side without any spaces in-between, the staff themselves got confused and our orders kept going to the next table! In addition, my lychee drink had made several trips around the restaurant before it finally reached me and by then the ice had already begun to melt!! When we finally went to settle the bill, we found that they had combined our orders with those of the people at the next table and consolidated into ONE bill!! The cashier had to ask us to check off which items we had ordered and then reprinted a new bill for us! Tsk tsk…

In addition, as the tables were in such close proximity to each other, there’s not much privacy and you can hear all conversations at the adjacent tables even if you don’t intend to eavesdrop.

I would recommend the food here but just take note that the service pales in comparison to the quality of the food.

The Handburger
Tel: 6509 6214

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