Cine Café

It was a lazy Saturday and I had rushed down to Lido for a movie after doing the usual round of household chores in the morning. Was running late and most of the eateries had long queues and were packed with the Saturday crowds so I decided to check out what kind of food the recently renovated cinema had to offer….

Found this little café and was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s opened by the Les Amis group. The café serves a variety of Asian and Western dishes.

There were already quite a number of people eating there but thankfully we managed to find a table.

Orders have to be placed at the counter and payment is also made there. You can bring the drinks to your table but the food will be served to you.
We were told that we had to wait about 7-10min for our food and were asked whether it was ok. I guess it may be too long a wait for the usual movie-going crowd?? There was a regular customer who placed his order after me and I overheard the counter staff telling him that “the waiting time today will longer than usual”…..
Hmm…does this mean the food will generally take <7min to be served on other days?

This was our order number…

Spaghetti Bolognese – Ahh…my stomach was extremely happy with this as it felt like comfort food! The serving was of a good size and the minced beef and sauce were done just the way I like.

Mee Siam – This came with prawns and the gravy had the right proportion of sourness in it. Not bad but I still think my mum’s version tastes better! (^o^)

Iced Tea – This was the standard iced tea and you’ll need to add sugar syrup to taste. Just thought I’d include this pic to complete the meal… hah

I’ll definitely come back to dine here the next time when I’m watching a movie at Lido!! ^_^

Cine Café
350 Orchard Road,
Shaw House #05-21,
Singapore 238868.
Tel: 67358858
Opening Hours: 10am to 11pm daily

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