Mugiya (むぎや)

Found this bakery at the junction of Kensington Park Road and Farleigh Avenue.

This particular bread caught our eye as we walked past the bakery, hence we decided to enter to check it out. It was unlabelled so I’ll just call this Sushi Floss Bread since it looks like sushi.

Verdict: It tasted like ordinary floss bread which was wrapped with a layer of seaweed. Nothing special apart from its appearance.

Bread n Cake
– This was most unusual and I suppose it’s good for those who can’t decide if they want to eat bread or cake so why not have both! :p

Verdict: It tasted quite plain actually…was rather disappointed as I had expected it to be more fragrant. Both bread and cake didn’t have much taste and only the top crust with the toasted almonds was nice.

Cranberry Cream Cheese – I think this is one of the best cranberry cream cheese buns that I’ve eaten! There was enough cream cheese filling inside the bun to keep me happy so I have no complaints about this bun. ^_^

Verdict: Will definitely buy this again!

Hokkaido Sweet Potato – This was surprisingly quite nice. The bread was fragrant and the black sesame seeds gave it an extra crunch. The sweet potato filling also complemented the bread well.

Verdict: Will most likely buy this again.

Oreo Donut – I wasn’t blown away by this and thought it was just okay.

Verdict: Think I’d prefer to patronise the shops specialising in donuts if I want my donut fix.

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