[CLOSED] The Porridge King

This restaurant was first opened by celebrity body builder Alvin Koh eleven years ago in Katong but had winded up business together with two other outlets due to the SARS crisis in 2003. Since the restaurant has made a comeback, I decided to check it out…

The interior of the restaurant is decorated with lots of mirrors so much so that we were almost fooled by this one which was a glass panel that gives you a glimpse of the kitchen.

Golden Calamari Rings with Banana Sauce – The sauce was really made from bananas and complemented the calamari very well.

Golden Orange Prawn Fritters – This was served with an interesting tangy sauce which was a mixture of several ingredients that I couldn’t quite identify but one of them was definitely passion fruit.

Caviar & Crab Congee – Ohh…this is a must-try if you’re at this restaurant!! The congee was very fine and a little grainy (not sure whether that was due to the prawn caviar or the grains used). It was very tasty and your tastebuds get overwhelmed with the flavours of the ocean. Although you can only find tiny shreds of crab meat in the congee, it contained several pieces of squid and prawns. The seafood stock used was really good!

The Supreme Century Egg Porridge – This rice porridge contains 3 types of eggs (regular egg, century egg and salted egg). The taste was rather light compared the to Caviar & Crab Congee which was more flavourful.

Drunken Buddha Chicken in Claypot – Quite nice and there was only a slight hint of wine in the gravy which could be drunk as a soup. There were also lots of veggies in this dish!

Will probably come again to try some of the other items on their menu! ^_^

The Porridge King
906F Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 787110.
Tel: 66005405
Opening Hours: 6pm – 2am, except Wednesdays and Saturdays

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2 thoughts on “[CLOSED] The Porridge King

  1. Em

    Where is your latest outlet in Singapore…?


    • Hi Em,
      I don’t own the restaurant and the food section of this blog just contains a list of the places where I have eaten at. As there doesn’t seem to be any trace of this restaurant when I do a search on the web, I’m not sure if the owner has since relocated the restaurant or whether he is planning to re-open it again sometime in the future.


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