Forest 森 at Equarius Hotel, RWS

Located at the Equarius Hotel, this restaurant is opened by local celebrity chef Sam Leong.


Love the woody decor in the restaurant! ^_^

Table decoration and setting.


Noticed that the flowers in the centre of the restaurant are different each time I visit and the flowers on the table are also changed to match the colour theme.

The waiting staff will present one of these to the women folk to hang their handbags on.


There is a weekday “members dine free” lunch promotion for RWS Invites members, which makes dining here quite affordable. ^_^


夏天  Summer Set  ($42++)

This is one of the set menus which is available for lunch and my colleagues and I decided to try this.

The set comes with a glass of juice and there’s a choice of either Orange juice or Mango juice. I ordered Mango.

Appetizer – This wasn’t part of the set and was a complimentary dish. The sour plum sorbet was refreshing. There were 2 cherry tomatoes beneath the sorbet and that black thing on top was a piece of preserved plum.

Crisp-Fried Whitebait with Green Apple Salad – Mmmm…love this salad as the dressing was tangy and refreshing. Topped with bonito flakes, the crispy whitebait and the slivers of green apple were crunchy and the entire combination was perfect!

Wok-Fried Cubes of Beef Tenderloin in Black Pepper Sauce – Absolutely delicious!! The bite-sized pieces of beef were very tender and the sauce was unlike any other black pepper sauce than we’ve ever tasted. Even that “crispy nest” tasted good and we savoured every mouthful of this dish!!

Steamed Chilean Seabass in Black Bean Sauce – For those who want to order this set but don’t eat beef, the restaurant will substitute the beef dish with this fish option. Love the design of the plate!!  The seabass was quite nice and didn’t have that “muddy” taste which is typical of seabass. In addition, the black bean sauce wasn’t as salty as I had expected and there was some chilli in it which gave it some spiciness.

Braised Ee-Fu Noodle with Shredded Chicken – This is the best version of ee-fu noodles which I’ve eaten! The stock used in the cooking of this dish was very tasty! Our stomachs were quite full after consuming this dish…

Pandan Fudge with Mango Passion Sorbet Almond Crumble – The pandan fudge cake was light and fragrant. The sorbet was flavourful and though I’m not really a sorbet fan, this one was good as you can taste the flavour of real mango. However, I wasn’t quite sure where was the almond crumble which was mentioned in the name of this dessert…


春天 Spring Set ($32++)

Came back again on a different day to try this.

This set also comes with a glass of juice and on the day I was there, the choices were either Orange juice or Cranberry juice. I decided to have OJ.

Appetizer – This complimentary sour plum sorbet appetizer is the same as the one which I had the previous time.

Sesame Crispy Tempura Shrimp Coated in Mayonnaise – There wasn’t anything special about this dish. Don’t get me wrong….it was delicious…just that you may find a similar version in other restaurants.

Those who don’t eat shrimp are allowed to change this menu item to the Steamed Chilean Seabass in Black Bean Sauce.

Lemon Grass Boneless Chicken with Japanese Ramen Consommé – The noodles were thinner than the usual Japanese ramen and kinda reminded me of a thicker version of “mee sua” and the soup was a thick chicken broth which was delicious.
The chicken slices were marinated with lemon grass and various spices which gave the meat a strong flavour and I felt that the taste of the chicken overpowered that of the soup so if you want to taste the soup, it’s best to consume it separately from the chicken.
Additional ingredients found in this dish were shimeji mushrooms, cubes of tofu and some thin slices of asparagus.

Vanilla Bean Curb, Fresh Strawberry Ginger Syrup – Errm…what exactly is “Bean Curb”?  I suspect there is a typo error in the menu and it should be “Bean Curd” instead!
The bean curd resembled almond tofu but it tasted quite plain and was flanked by 2 blueberries with ginger syrup at the bottom. I thought the red fruit was raspberry and not strawberry and the bean curd tasted better when you ate it together with the fruit!
Couldn’t figure out the flavour of the ice-cream but it had the taste of skimmed milk powder – I guess it contained vanilla as you can see the black specks in it.

Steamed Egg Chawanmushi with Pan-seared Foie Gras – This wasn’t part of the set and we ordered this from the ala carte menu. It was really good and my colleagues felt that this was the best dish out of everything else we’ve tried here. The egg was smooth and the stock used was flavourful. This was topped with bits of corn, bite-sized pieces of foie gras and some crispy fish skin. I was initially surprised when I saw the fish skin and was wondering if the taste will go well with the rest of the dish. To my surprise, the fish skin was light and crispy and wasn’t oily at all! The flavours of all the ingredients blended well together. As the foie gras was cut into small bite-sized pieces and “pan-seared”, it didn’t quite have the “melt-in-your-mouth” effect but the taste was still good.

Here’s another reason to patronize this restaurant!… The chef obliged to my photo request! ^_^

Verdict:  Definitely worth another trip here for the food!!

However, do note that it will take you about one-and-a-half hours to finish the lunch sets as the service here is “resort style”.

If you come in a big group, please check your bill carefully as complications could arise which could take almost an hour to sort out! (it’s a long story which left some of my colleagues extremely unhappy)

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