Happy Chef Western Food (at Tai Hwa Eating House)

Located near the ICA building are several old HDB blocks which house coffee shops with good food!!

Tried the Happy Chef Western Food stall at Tai Hwa Eating House.

Upon ordering, you will be given a number tag and they will bring the food to you when it’s ready.

Chicken Parmesan ($7) – Hmm…I had a preconception that this would be salty and have a cheesy flavour but instead it was a LOVELY chicken cutlet with a crunchy crust. **Recommended**

Happy Chef Chicken ($6) – Can’t tell exactly what kind of seasonings are used just by looking at the name but the picture shows it’s a grilled chicken chop and in Chinese says 招牌鸡扒 (ie. the shop’s signature chicken chop) so I went with this.

I wasn’t quite blown away by this dish like the way some people described it but it is definitely one of the better chicken chops by coffee shop standards.

Tai Hwa Eating House
Blk 466 Crawford Lane

Open Daily: 11.00am – 10.30pm

Nearest MRT: Lavender

They have another branch at Ang Mo Kio which has its own shop space and I prefer to eat there.

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