Character Greetings at USS

For those of you who love taking pictures with theme park mascots, here’s a guide to which characters you can meet at the various zones within Universal Studios Singapore (USS).

(All photos are from my personal collection taken since the park was first opened until now)



Kungfu Panda – He pounced on me and boy, was he heavy!!

Frankenstein – the actor behind the mask really knows how to work the crowd. Note that he spices up his wardrobe a little during the year-end festive season.


Woody Woodpecker and Winnie Woodpecker – I know the picture wasn’t taken at Hollywood but that was the only time I managed to get them both together in the same photo! They are usually found at Hollywood and this pic was taken during one of those rare USS Preview events.

Note that Winnie sometimes dons a slightly different outfit during the year-end holiday season.

Mae West – I don’t have a photo of her as I’m not really familiar with this character so I didn’t take a pic. Think about 99% of the visitors don’t even know who she is but they still queue up for pics. Haven’t seen her around lately though…

Minions (from Despicable Me) – Starting 1st December 2013, park visitors can get to meet these adorable yellow characters who are bursting with energy! (you can read more in my other post about the minions)

Mel’s Dinettes – There may be possible photo ops with them after the show.

Daddy O’s – They perform on the same stage as Mel’s Dinettes but at different timings. Again, there may be possible photo ops with them after the show but no guarantees.

The cast of Monster Rock – Apparently the cast appears for photo-taking sessions in-between shows. I just happened to walk by and managed to get a picture with them!

The Monster Rock show had its final curtain call at the Pantages Hollywood Theater on 31st August 2014.


New York

Beetlegeuse – This cheeky fella always has some wisecrack up his sleeve. He even tried to kiss me on New Year’s Eve! (also note the slight change in costume)


Charlie Chaplin – LOL…

Marilyn Monroe – There have been different actors playing this character and some are more voluptuous than others. Note that the yellow cab has since been moved and a yellow Sesame Street school bus now stands in its place.

Betty Boop – I’ve seen different actors playing this character too but some of them (i.e. their looks) don’t really do her justice.

The Rockafellas – Photo op available after their performances.

Sesame Street characters – Meet and Greet sessions are available 5-10min after their performances. Sometimes the characters may appear for photo ops between showtimes – check with the park crew in that area for more details.

Elmo – Cute and cuddly!!

Cookie Monster – Cuter…

Oscar The Grouch – He keeps an old sneaker in his trashcan. Look for it if you can! ;p

On a different day, I managed to get Oscar to stand for the photo. How often do you get to see Oscar’s legs on Sesame Street?

Grover – Think it would be better if he was in his Super Grover costume! Overheard several people in the crowd saying they don’t know who he is!  😯

Ernie – He appears to be really energetic!

Bert – Somehow he doesn’t seem to be quite as popular as some of the other Sesame Street characters.

Big Bird – Ohh… he’s really tall! If you look closely, you can see strings attached between his head and his hands.

Abby Cadabby – Haven’t been able to get a picture together with her yet! A case of wrong timing perhaps??

**UPDATE**  I finally met her at the Sesame Street Character Breakfast and managed to take a photo with her there!


Sci-Fi City

Optimus Prime – It took me several visits before I managed to get a pic with him. At least the meet & greet sessions seem to be more frequent these days…

Bumblebee – It’s really ironical that he appears for photo ops just beside the Camaro which is supposed to be him…

Alien Warriors” – Errr…don’t really fancy these characters. Think I prefer the autobots over them!


Alien Creature” – This is really a strange one as he makes clicking noises and moves abruptly.


Ancient Egypt

Rick O’Connell – You may find him wandering about Ancient Egypt. Have seen several girls going gaga over this character as the actor does bear an uncanny resemblance to Brendan Fraser at certain angles. Sorry, no photos to show as I didn’t join the mob to queue for a pic.

Various Egyptian costumed characters from the Army of Anubis – Besides the characters in the pics below, sometimes there is also a well-endowed Egyptian lady available for photo ops (the only female character roaming about this area). She seems to be rather popular with the adult males in the park… (sorry to disappoint but I didn’t take any pics with her either… haha)



The Lost World

Meet InGen Hatchery’s Paleontologist Dr. Rodney and the infant triceratops named “Diane” – The baby dinosaur sure looks real…

Look Out! Velociraptors have escaped in Jurassic Park! – This raptor is a restless one and snaps at people if they get too close!


I personally feel that this is the “scariest” meet-and-greet character that I’ve encountered to-date!  Even though you know it’s behind you, there might be a sudden shriek or snapping sound that could still make you jump! :p

Here’s a video of the raptor – Enjoy! 🙂

WaterWorld – Photo ops are available with the cast after the show.


Far Far Away

Shrek and Princess Fiona – Hmm… Princess Fiona seems to have transformed from her human self to her ogre form especially after the last Shrek movie was released… (^o^)


Puss in Boots – He’s a real charmer!

Kitty Softpaws – This character was introduced on 6th September 2014 with the show “Dance For The Magic Beans“. Meet and greet sessions are held immediately after the show, so do hang around if you want photos with the characters.

Pinocchio – Gosh, he’s really tall for a wooden puppet!

Apparently Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming have been turning up here to meet the park-goers but I haven’t bumped into them yet!




Alex – Photo ops are available after the “Madagascar Boogie!” performances. There are usually long queues for photos with Alex.

Gloria – She’s also quite popular with the park guests.

King Julian – Think the queue to take pics with him is the shortest compared to the rest of the Madagascar characters (probably cos he’s annoying in the movies and TV series) but the actor inside the costume seems to be quite fun-loving and King Julian really stands out from the rest of the Madagascar characters at the park.

The Penguins – My favourite out of all the Madagascar characters. Only took a pic with two of them as there wasn’t sufficient time to get photographed with all the characters at one go and I guess I never did get around to getting a pic together with the remaining two during subsequent visits as there’s always a long queue.

Anyway, here’s a last look at all the characters featured in the “Madagascar Boogie!” performance.


See also => Character Greetings at USS – Festive Edition!

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17 thoughts on “Character Greetings at USS

  1. Jacinta, you’ve really collected them all, except Mae West! 🙂

    The character you’re talking about at Ancient Egypt is Anck Su Namun – the mistress of the Pharaoh in the Mummy series. Imhotep had an affair with her which caused the whole Mummy movie series drama – they murdered the Pharoah. Imhotep was sentenced and buried alive in the Hom-Dai ritual, and she committed suicide (to avoid the Hom-Dai!)


    • Ohh…is that who she’s supposed to be? Don’t really see any resemblance – maybe Imhotep should appear together with her for meet & greet! ;p


  2. J

    Love this post! By the way, I have also met the following characters:

    •Fairy Godmother
    •Prince Charming

    •Ardeth Bay
    I have also seen pictures of Evelyn O’Connell


    • Thanks, your comment reminded me that I still have some photos which I hadn’t uploaded. Have just updated this post with Pinocchio, Monster Rock and another pic of Oscar the Grouch.

      I’ve seen Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming in the parade but haven’t seen them during character greeting sessions.

      As for Ardeth Bay and Evie, I’ve seen them too but I’m not so keen on having my picture taken with them unless they are the original cast members from the movie. :p

      I’ll be uploading a “festive” version of the character greetings soon so do continue to watch this space…


      • J

        Well, the last time I went I saw Fairy Godmother quite a few times, particularly in her potion shop. It was a saturday. I met her twice, once alone and once with Prince Charming. They were pretty good character actors. I saw her earlier too near Enchanted Airways and the Castle, though by the time I had gone there she was about to leave. Also, I do notice that there are three characters who are parade only, as far as I can tell: Bride of Frankenstein and Dracula (pre-parade), and Imhotep.


  3. Pingback: Character Greetings at USS – Festive Edition! | jaznotabi

  4. J

    Hi again! As for the lady in Ancient Egypt, she does look a bit like Anck-Su-Namun, but I was thinking if she was the Princess from The Scorpion King 3. I have not seen this movie, but the outfit seems similar? I don’t know.. Plus, she also meets guests with the Scorpion King.


  5. J

    I actually went up to ask for her autograph yesterday, and she signed as “(ankh egyptian symbol) Sunamun”!


  6. J

    Hi again,
    I was so happy to finally be able to meet the cast of Monster Rock! Looking forward to more character posts!


  7. J

    I think Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming and Mae West are no longer part of the lineup. The last time I went, which was two weeks ago (super short visit) I was told that Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming are no longer meeting. As for Mae West, a character escort told me awhile ago that she is “gone with the wind.” Hahaha


  8. omg I’ve been dying to take a picture with Cookie Monster ! But I’ve never been able to done so ! Do you have any advice on cookie monster’s appearance day and timing ? Thanks !


    • The schedule for when the characters appear may change from time to time, so it’s best to check on the day of your visit. Just hang around the New York Library area (just beside Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor) or around the entrance of the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase ride – the Sesame Street characters will usually appear around there. If you manage to see some other Sesame Street characters but not Cookie Monster, speak to the staff who are assisting with the Sesame Street character meet and greet (i.e. those who are accompanying the characters and sometimes will help you to take pictures with them) – they usually have the schedule for the entire day and will be able to tell you what time Cookie Monster will appear. However, if you don’t have any luck finding any Sesame Street characters doing meet and greet, you can try to go to “The Dark Room” photo store at Hollywood and enquire if they know the timings for the Sesame Street character meet and greet – the photographers there should know the timings cos that’s when they go and take pictures of the park guests and try to earn some money.


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