Hotel Migrant at Tateyama 「ホテルマイグラント」

Located just a 2min walk from the JR Tateyama station, Hotel Migrant 「ホテルマイグラント」 is a convenient place to crash for the night if you are planning a visit to Tateyama 「館山」 in Chiba Prefecture 「千葉県」.

It’s a relatively small hotel with a convenience store next door and there’s a even special entrance connecting the hotel lobby to the convenience store!

Rooms have basic amenities and this hotel is suitable for those who are more interested in seeing the sights and just want a nice comfortable clean place to spend the night. For those who need their online fix, free Wifi connection is only available at the hotel lobby.

I stayed in a single room and here’s how it looks…

Picture taken from the lift lobby on the 3rd floor.

Breakfast (¥500) is served along a narrow passageway just across from the hotel reception. Just hand your breakfast coupon to the motherly lady who will greet you and ask if you want juusu or miruku (i.e. juice or milk)?


The breakfast was a simple toast and salad and the lady manning the breakfast counter had assumed that I wanted coffee (I wasn’t asked!) as she served that to me although the sign (in Japanese) at the counter says you have a choice of coffee or tea. I had this changed to tea after I snapped this picture and noticed the sign.

If you need something more fulfilling for breakfast, go have a walk around to look for a better place to eat at.

Overall, I would recommend this hotel as I’m a stickler for convenience! ^_^

1834-11 Hojo, Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture 294-0045, Japan

Tel: 0470-24-1122

URL: (in Japanese only)

Enquiry: (I would think you’ll need to correspond in Japanese too)

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