Latest Set Lunch Menus at Forest 森 – Oct 2012

It’s been awhile since I last ate at Forest 森 so I decided to drop by today and found that they have since changed their set lunch menus.


Appetizer – Chilled cherry tomatoes with plum sorbet. This was the usual complimentary dish which is served before the actual meal regardless of which set menu you’re having.


秋天 Autumn Set ($38++)

Smoke Duck and Pan-seared Mushroom with Asparagus Salad in Sesame Dressing – Mmm… when this dish was being served, you can smell a wok-fried fragrance which came from the mushrooms. The flavours of all the ingredients blended well together and it was tasty!

Japanese Pearl Rice with Seafood Broth – I thought this looked more like rice porridge rather than rice in broth. The texture is more like those Teochew-style rice porridge and it was full of ingredients like fish, scallops, prawns, mushrooms and asparagus slices and was topped with crispy rice which gave an extra crunch and different dimension to the dish. I loved the broth which was extremely flavourful and sweet and this dish certainly warmed my stomach!! ^_^

Chilled Lemon Grass Jello with Mango Sorbet, Pomelo Salad, Coconut Crumble – I didn’t like this dessert as much as the one in the Winter Set. The mango sorbet was really sour but the jello, pomelo bits and coconut crumble were okay.


冬天 Winter Set ($48++)

Steamed Egg Chawanmushi with Hokkaido Scallop – The scallop is huge and a delight to eat! The sauce which was poured over the scallop complemented it very well. Love the chawanmushi which was silky smooth and also the deep fried fish skin that accompanied the dish was light and crispy.

Deep-fried Seabass with Nyonya Chilli Sauce – This portion of fish came with large fish scales intact but since the entire fish skin was deep fried, you can actually eat the scales as they were extremely crispy. Yes, I know it sounds gross but it felt like you’re eating crisps. The sauce was a mixture of spicy, sweet and salty flavours but the okra made the sauce a little slimy. Overall it was quite a nice fish dish.

Wok Fried Pearl Rice with Minced Beef in Homemade XO Chilli Sauce – Probably the best fried rice that I’ve eaten!! It had that wok fried taste which made it very fragrant. The plump grains of rice were topped with rice crispies which gave an added crunch with every mouthful.

Steamed Vanilla Yam and Gingko Nut with Cashew Nut Ice Cream – This was actually 2 desserts – one hot and the other was cold! The Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts was a hot dessert (Singaporeans call this dessert “Or Nee”) and the yam paste was very smooth and fragrant. The Cashew Nut Ice Cream was topped with Coconut Crumble and I thoroughly enjoyed this since I like cashews but my only complaint is that the ice cream melted too fast!

Verdict:  Both sets were simply delicious!! 😀

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