Marine Life Park – Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure Cove Waterpark is an aquatic adventure park which promises endless fun for everyone. This officially opens at Resorts World Sentosa on Thursday, 22nd November 2012.

The decor here is of an aquatic theme and you can see various sculptures of sea creatures as you walk around the park.

In addition, the trash bins found both inside and outside of the waterpark, are decorated with cute sea creature motifs. There’s even one for recycling plastic bottles.


Riptide Rocket ** # – This is Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster and is the most thrilling slide at the park! The good thing about this slide is that you don’t need to carry any floatation devices and climb stairs. A conveyor belt will bring you (whilst seated in the dinghy) up to the starting point of the slide. Only 3 dinghies were in operation during my visit. There are several drops and in some places the dinghy is propelled forwards such that you are lifted off slightly and you feel as if you’re flying. Be warned that if 2 medium (or larger) sized adults ride in the dinghy, it could overturn at the final point when you exit from the slide (I’m speaking from experience). The dinghy itself is a little heavy so if you do get trapped under it, don’t panic and always remember to release your grip from the handles, swim under it and out to safety. Anyway, a lifeguard is on standby to assist you if you need help. I tried the ride a 2nd time as a single rider and the dinghy didn’t overturn.

Dueling Racer ** # – Race with a friend down this 2-lane waterslide using toboggan-style mats. It’s quite fast so do note that you will get water in your face as you are lying on your tummy and descending head-first.


The queue area for both the Pipeline Plunge and the Tidal Twister is shared for both slides but the queues are split at the flight of stairs. When we reached the top, we were asked if we wanted the faster slide or the longer one…

Pipeline Plunge ^ – Faster slide of the two

Tidal Twister ^ – Longer slide of the two

Both single and double floats are available here and you’ll need to carry the floats up the flight of stairs to use them on the slides.

These slides go through a series of tunnels and I felt a little claustrophobic at some parts. Still they were fun but not as thrilling as the other slides (maybe cos I’m a thrill seeker).

There is also a shared queue area between the next two slides mentioned below and queues are split at the flight of stairs. Only double floats are available here and you’ll need to carry them up the flight of stairs to be used on the slides.

Whirlpool Washout ^ – The only part when I actually held my breath on this slide was at the section which resembled the sink drainage cos the first time I took this, we went down backwards into the hole. The second time I was trying to lean to one side to see if we could go down facing forwards – we ended up swirling around twice before going down and we succeeded – yay! My conclusion is that the drop is not as scary when you go down facing backwards. LOL…

Spiral Washout ^ – This was quite fun as you swirl around when you reach this funnel-shaped bowl and it’s possible that you might go down backwards! We witnessed a guy (whose size was bigger than a sumo wrestler and the float seemed to be too small for him) fall off the float (it overturned) when he reached the funnel area. He scrambled to grab the float and flip it, but failed and the float went down first, followed by him facing downwards! The crew members reassured us that “technically it should be quite safe”. I’m not sure what happened to him but I hope he was alright. I would suggest that people who are of extra-plus sizes use your own discretion and take the necessary precautions when going on these slides. Apart for that incident, everything went smoothly for most people who went on this slide.


Big Bucket Treehouse ** – It’s a kiddy playground with a waterslide.

Bluwater Bay ** – This is a wave pool so you can swim out with a float and let the waves carry you back. Note that the deepest end is 1.5 metres deep and the waves can go as high as 2.2 metres. Waves are generated every 15 min and apparently there are 4 different wave patterns.


Seahorse Hideaway ** – The name sounds intriguing but there are no live seahorses here! It’s a shallow wading pool suitable for toddlers.


Adventure River **

If you feel like doing nothing much, you can grab a float, hop on and just spend a lazy afternoon bobbing down this “river”. It is really SLOOOWWW!….. There are several entrances to the river at various parts of the park and here’s one of them…

Many different aquatic-themed decorations and sculptures can be seen here and it’s a challenge to try to avoid the spouts of water but you’ll definitely get wet when you go under the waterfalls found at various sections of the river.


I got a pleasant surprise when we floated into a tunnel and found several sea creatures swimming above and around us. There were sharks in one area and rays and various fish in the next few sections.


The river also took us into a cave and there was blue lighting from below that made the place look like a blue grotto which was both mysterious and enchanting.




Splashworks ¤ – Those who love obstacle courses may like this area. However, you need to be a good swimmer as the water is 4 metres deep so if you fall into the water, you’ll need to be able to swim yourself back to the side of the pool.

The first obstacle requires you to jump from a platform (choose from 1 of 2 different heights) into the water. The lifeguards laughed when I hesitated a little – well, it’s been a long time since I last jumped from a diving platform or equivalent! (although the ones here are not as high but the water is deep!)

The other obstacles are 3 different types of rope bridges, a balancing beam and the last one requires you to climb a rope and ring a bell. I only attempted and cleared 4 obstacles – the rest looked too challenging to me! Haha…

Rainbow Reef ** # – You can go snorkeling here with 20,000 fish of 60 species but I don’t think I managed to spot all the different ones! Admission is regulated as they divide you into groups to avoid overcrowding. You will be first be asked to shower off, then wear a lifejacket and pick up your snorkel and mask from the counter. Next, will be a brief instruction on how to use the snorkel and mask. Experienced snorkelers are made to sit through the briefing too!


There were some inquisitive fish who were checking out my toes when I was fiddling with my mask and snorkel!!

It’s a good experience for those who have never visited a coral reef or have never tried snorkeling before.

The salt water here is temperature-controlled in order for the fish to survive and some people may feel that it’s too cold.


My advice if you participate in this activity is to give ample space and distance yourself from the person in front of or next to you, to prevent a situation where they suddenly turn and kick you cos they are too busy looking at the fish and oblivious to the other snorkelers! If you experience any difficulty whilst in the water, just flip over to your back and raise your fist to the lifeguards. The bigger fish can be found swimming in the deeper parts which are away from glass panels (also less crowding as most snorkelers will swim around the perimeter of the pool).

Those who shy away from this activity can go to one of several viewing panels to look at the fish and the people snorkeling.

LOL… these fish were really curious about my camera and came over for a closer look!

Ray Bay ** ^ – Interaction with the rays is restricted to a limited number of people per day. There were only 3 slots available during the day when I visited and I didn’t manage to experience this as all slots were already taken. To avoid disappointment, do register with Guest Services as soon as you arrive at the park (additional charges apply).

Sharks – From June 2013, you can watch sharks at close range, from the safety of a customised acrylic enclosure (additional charges apply). You can choose from “Shark Encounter during shark feeds” or “Shark Encounter without shark feeds” – the latter one is cheaper but I was told there is no guarantee that you’ll see the sharks without the feeds. Check with Guest Services for more details.

Dolphin Island – Separate charges apply but this won’t be open until 30th September 2013. Various dolphin interaction programmes will be available (Dolphin Discovery, Dolphin Observer, Dolphin Trek, Dolphin Adventure, Dolphin VIP) and all programmes include a one-day admission ticket to Adventure Cove Waterpark, one set meal at The Bay Restaurant and complimentary use of Dolphin Island lockers, towels, wetsuits and flotation devices during the interaction programme. Check with Guest Services or the park’s website for more details.




** Children under 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion
# Minimum height requirement 107cm
^ Minimum height requirement 122cm
¤ Minimum height requirement 140cm


Refreshment stands can be found around the waterpark.



The Bay Restaurant – Typical theme park food can be found here and main courses come with either fries or rice.

I ordered a pork ribs combo set and this came with a dessert of the day which was some kind of Expresso-flavoured pudding.

Cafe Grotto – This wasn’t open yet during my visit.

This space has now been changed into a Members’ Lounge for Annual Pass holders!

This is how it looks…


Members can help themselves to the free refreshments – there’s coffee/tea, soft drinks, bottled water and some sweets and biscuits. Newspapers and magazines are also available if you want to read them.



Reef ‘n Wave Wear – Souvenir hunters can purchase mementos at this shop located just across from the park entrance. You can also come here to view the pictures which the official photographers have taken of you at the park (you will be tagged with wristbands after being photographed so you’ll just need to present them at the counter to view the pics). The first photo is priced at $20 and if you buy more, the subsequent ones cost $15 each.

Splashout! – This little shop is located next to the Rainbow Reef and sells items you may need for the day but have forgotten to bring along to the waterpark.


  • What can you wear at the waterpark? Check here for more details.
  • Due to inclement weather (heavy rain, or cloudy skies with thunder), the outdoor attractions will be closed – this means practically all attractions in the park!! Someone asked the park crew what can be done indoors then? The response was nothing except going to the restaurants. The waiting time for the outdoor attractions to be re-opened can last from 15min-30min or longer if the weather doesn’t lighten up. I guess if you want to maximise your time at the waterpark, try to avoid visiting during rainy season!
  • Currently there aren’t many places where you can take shelter from the rain apart from the beach cabanas, locker areas, washrooms, restaurants and souvenir shop (…and beach umbrellas – however, I wouldn’t advise you to take this risk during a thunderstorm).
  • Lockers are available for rental and can be found in 2 sections of the park – the one located near the entrance of the park has the most number of lockers and the other one located at the “fun zone” across from Dueling Racers, has only a limited number of lockers. The lockers come in 2 sizes – Small (360mm high x 370mm wide x 500mm deep) and Large (910mm high x 370mm wide x 500mm deep) and a one-time locker fee of $10 (Small) and $20 (Large), allows you unlimited access during your entire day of visit – just ensure that you select the correct option when re-opening the locker if you want to continue using it.
    -> Click here for more information on lockers at Resorts World Sentosa.
  • There are cylindrical storage shelves at the entrance to the slides where you can temporarily place your loose articles like goggles, spectacles and slippers before you go on the slides. Note that the park claims no responsibility if you lose any items placed here.

  • Towels are not provided so do remember to pack some in your bag before you head to the waterpark! If not, you can always purchase some from the gift shops.
  • Lifejackets are available if you aren’t a competent swimmer and need one.

  • Cabanas located at Bluwater Bay, are available for rental and this includes a personal standing shower, ceiling fan, cushioned chairs, water bottles, towels and food vouchers. Check with Guest Services inside the park for more details and availability.


Ticket prices can be found here.


Make your way to Resorts World at Sentosa and head to the Maritime Experiential Museum (MEM). Walk along the right side of MEM towards the other end of the building.

Then, turn left when you reach the back of the building and walk straight on.

You’ll then arrive at the entrance to the waterpark.

Need more detailed directions? Click here.


Finally, here are some promotional videos (posted by Resorts World Sentosa) which give you a feel of how exciting some of the slides can be…

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