Australian Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司)

There is always a queue outside the Australian Dairy Company throughout the day and the place is still packed even at night!

I came here twice for breakfast during my recent trip and here’s what we tried…

Milk Pudding (蛋白鲜牛奶) – HKD$20
Hmm…it was a smooth blend of egg white and milk. However, not everyone seemed to like it as I saw some half-eaten bowls of pudding left behind by some diners. I’m not a huge fan of egg whites so this serving was a bit too much for me… LOL…

Almond Egg Pudding (杏汁蛋) – HKD$20
This was a sweet combination of egg yolk and almond “juice” and felt more like a savoury dessert to me but I very much preferred this over the milk pudding! (or perhaps it’s because I like egg yolks more than the whites?)

A word of advice – for those who don’t really like milk or eggs but still want to try the puddings, it’s best to share them with a friend cos your tastebuds may get tired of their taste by the time you get halfway through them.

French Toast (法兰西多) – HKD$17
Mmm…this was heavenly! The bread was well coated with an egg mixture and fried but it didn’t feel oily at all. The melted butter when spread over the toast made it even more fragrant!

Breakfast Set – HKD$ 26 (this comes with hot coffee or tea and there is additional charge of $2 if you change your beverage to a cold one). Here’s what the set includes…

Ham in Macaroni Soup (火腿通粉) – This dish looked and sounded ordinary and I wasn’t really expecting much but I was really surprised to find the soup was a rich chicken stock which was very tasty and had the feel of home-cooking. It especially warms the stomach on a cold day!

Butter Toast (牛油方饱) and 2 Fried Eggs (西煎双蛋) – There is a choice of scrambled eggs or fried eggs and although this place is famous for their scrambled eggs, I don’t really like to eat eggs done that way so I opted to have fried ones instead.

Menu on table:

G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan

Tel: +852 2730 1356

Getting there: MTR Jordan, take Exit C2 and walk for 3min.

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