Yan Wo Soya Bean Curd (人和豆品厂)

I was looking for a place which specialises in soya bean related food/drink and came across this shop being mentioned on the internet, so off I went…

Although it was just before dinnertime that day, I could still feel my lunch in my tummy and thus only ordered the Soya Bean Curd (original flavour) and a plate of Pan-fried Tofu with Fish Paste.

The soya bean curd comes in various flavours and a choice of whether you want it served hot or cold. Since it was my first time at this place, I decided to taste it in its traditional form – i.e. “original” and served hot. I wasn’t disappointed – the soya bean curd was silky smooth and slides down the throat effortlessly! Haven’t had such nice traditional soya bean curd in a long while! It was really really good!!

I had a look around the other tables and found that most people were having the soya bean curd (both the original flavour and the one with ginger juice seemed to be the most popular flavours), soya bean milk and the pan-fried tofu with fish paste.

Started eating the tofu and realized they had served it to us upside down so here’s another picture of it where you can see the fish paste.

YUMMY and definitely a MUST TRY! ^_^

Yan Wo Soy Bean Shop (人和豆品厂)
38 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
Opening Hours: 11am-11pm
Getting there: Causeway Bay MTR Station Exit F, then walk along Jardine’s Bazaar

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