Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase ride at USS

HELP!! Someone is stealing all the spaghetti in the world and Elmo and Super Grover need YOUR assistance to stop Macaroni the Merciless from succeeding in his plot!

I went for a preview of the “Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase” ride for Annual Pass holders and was surprised that it wasn’t as crowded as some of the other previews I had attended in the past.

Some of the crew members were seen welcoming park guests with Elmo and Cookie Monster hand puppets.

Here’s a look at the ride’s safety information board. It’s a family-friendly ride so thrillseekers may be disappointed but the colourful scenes and cute characters make up for it!

As you walk through the entrance, you’ll see a Sesame Street News Network advert featuring Super Grover.

It’s a short walk to the queue area which is just around the corner.

The walls are plastered with news headlines from various publications.


Do ensure that you pay attention to the TV monitors in the queue area as the characters on the screen will provide you with information which will enable you to better appreciate the ride (including the storyline).


The ride vehicle looks cute and seats four people, two at the front and two behind. I thought it was a little small and bigger-sized people will probably need a slightly longer time to side-step into the vehicle. Mind your head if you are tall and seated in the front row as you might accidentally bump your head against the front of the vehicle when you disembark.

Here’s a picture of the ride vehicle (taken from one of RWS’ brochures):

These are some of the picture teasers which I took when they blocked up the area prior to revealing the hugh statue of Elmo and the plate of spaghetti and meatballs at the top of the entrance to the ride. They gave a bit of background to the ride.



At the beginning of the ride (and also the queue area), there are posters of Macaroni the Merciless and his two associates Shredder and Zester. Both his partners in crime can be seen at various points during the ride (i.e. if you are observant enough to notice!).

Our journey started off at Sesame Street and I was overwhelmed by everything I saw and heard! There’s a lot to take in with all the dialogue going on so it was a bit difficult to appreciate everything that was happening. I took the ride 4 times to fully observe and listen to all the conversations but still haven’t managed to take in every single detail.

In the first scene, there were many Sesame Street characters wishing us “Good Luck” as superhero sidekicks and giving us a send-off. Make sure you listen to Elmo on the TV screen in the ride vehicle besides looking at what’s happening around you. You’ll get a better view if you sit on the right side of the vehicle as most of the animatronics seem to be located on the right for some unknown reason.

As this is a suspended ride, you can see part of the track which is overhead.

I did notice that one of the posters on the wall mentioned that lasagne was missing too! – Hmm… spaghetti and lasagne are different foods although they are both pasta based. So… should it be “save the spaghetti” or “save the pasta” then?  I guess pasta doesn’t quite have a ring to its name…

Once you see Super Grover, get ready to fly off to space to save the spaghetti!

The space scene was quite impressive but I thought they could have done more in one of the flying scenes where you can see stars below you. It reminded me of the “E.T. Adventure” ride found at other Universal theme parks and “Peter Pan’s Flight” at Disneyland but I personally felt that it didn’t quite have that “wow” factor as those two rides. Perhaps if they had added some planets below us, it would have been more impressive and it would feel like we’re really out there.

This was one of my favourite scenes of the ride where Abby waves her wand to help us on our journey. The sparkly effects made the scene very magical. We get transported to Macaroni’s lair at this point…


The scenes which followed show Super Grover being captured by Macaroni and tortured (don’t worry, there’s nothing gory in the scenes) but at the end of the day the good guys win! ^_^


Here’s a look the other end of the queue area from the exit of the ride.

**TIP**  To ensure that you’ve taken in every detail of the ride, do look out for Macaroni’s “Employee of the Month” notice board! 😉

Verdict:  A fun and entertaining ride for the kids. You’ll have to visit the park and ride it to experience the full visual effects (especially the space scene and the tractor beam).

At the end of it all, I haven’t quite figured out if the ride had some mysterious effect on me or perhaps it was due to the magical swish from Abby Cadabby’s wand, but I headed off for lunch with a sudden craving for pasta! LOL…

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