Sesame Street Carnival at USS

In celebration of the official opening of the world’s first indoor Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase ride at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) on 1st March 2013, the park is holding a street carnival from 1-3 March.

I was first greeted by this cute and colourful display which immediately drew a smile on my face.

The front and back show different messages.

Walking further along, there were various signboards which had snippets of Sesame Street trivia on them.

Hmm…nice decorations!

There was also a new sign placed above the library which brought some colour to the surrounding area.

The entrance of Big Bird’s Emporium seems to have some additional deco today.

There were some food stands which didn’t really interest me and I was offered a cookie in the shape of Big Bird’s head.

Several game stalls were spread out throughout the New York zone and you can play to win prizes at certain times of the day. No additional charges are required – just step up to the booth and have a go.

Some people were having fun with a Sesame Street version of Twister.


I tried my hand at the cookie toss but failed miserably. Think I was being too ambitious by standing at the furthest end of the mat.

Looks like someone dropped a cookie!…

There was a heavy downpour on the afternoon of 2nd March and they removed the mat. I happened to see some park guests who were too eager to play and couldn’t wait for the park crew to clear the area before tossing the cookies but they missed and hit the walking human target instead!!

There was also a memory game where you have to match the pictures.

Due to the game booths lining the streets, the Sesame Street performances which are usually performed just outside Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor, have been relocated to the library.

If you are visiting USS this weekend, go check out the carnival!

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