RWS Fans Day Out #4 (2013)

It started out with the following teaser from the RWS Digital team on 13th Feb asking us to mark down 2nd Mar in our calendars. (Gosh…they certainly do enjoy keeping us in suspense!)

The next email arrived on 23rd Feb and finally the details of the 4th RWS Facebook Fans Day Out were revealed!

It’s been a long while since the last RWS Fans Day Out (FDO) was held and this time it started real early with a character breakfast! Mmm…interesting!

When 2nd Mar came, we made our way to the Universal Studios Singapore VIP Reception and here were the highlights of the day…


0900hrs – 0915hrs            Registration at Universal Studios Singapore VIP Reception

We were handed this specially made FDO card and an Adventure Cove lanyard.

Then, we were ushered over to Loui’s NY Pizza Parlour in Universal Studios Singapore (USS) for our breakfast.

0915hrs – 1015hrs             Sesame Street Character Breakfast

Ok…let’s eat! More details on my breakfast experience can be found here.

1015hrs – 1115hrs            Experience Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase

After breakfast, we went on the newest ride at USS to stop Macaroni the Merciless and his cronies from stealing all the spaghetti in the world. Some of us even took the ride several times! The kids in the group seemed to like it a lot.


Photo Credit: Resorts World at Sentosa

You can read more about the ride in my previous review.

1145hrs – 1330hrs            Marine Life Park Special Programme

We then walked over to the Marine Life Park – S.E.A. Aquarium and were introduced to 2 guides who took us on a quick tour of the first half of the aquarium which ended at the Open Ocean exhibit where we met Craig Sowden, the Director of the S.E.A. Aquarium.

The aquarium was especially busy that day and suddenly there was a buzz of excitement in the air and I noticed more people in the crowd being drawn to the exhibit. Thus, I turned to look at the glass panel and saw two divers making their way down with a large scroll and my initial thought was “Hmm…is there going to be another marriage proposal?” but it wasn’t to be…

When the divers unrolled the scroll, I realised it was actually for us!!

Photo Credit: Resorts World at Sentosa

Next was an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Open Ocean exhibit. We took a lift to get to the water’s surface.

As it was a restricted area, we weren’t allowed to take any photos or videos of the place. However, if you peek through the glass roof of the Ocean Dome, you can see part of the area where we were taken to. From the top of the enclosure, we each took turns to feed some of the smaller fish and we learned that this was called surface feeding. Some of the bigger creatures like the manta rays need to be hand-fed and this is done by divers who will take about 1 hour to feed them. We also got to meet the divers and personally thanked them for our “surprise” earlier.

After the fish were fed, it was time to feed ourselves… We left the Open Ocean area and headed to lunch at the Marine Life Park – Adventure Cove Waterpark – I was surprised by the close proximity of the Open Ocean enclosure to the waterpark. This is where we exited from.

1330hrs – 1430hrs            Lunch

Lunch was served on the upper floor of The Bay Restaurant.

There’s ample room to hold a party here!

Mr Sowden joined us for lunch and encouraged us to raise any questions which we had about MLP.

What did we have for lunch?  Read on…

Breaded Cheese sticks – This was an appetiser which was pleasing to the palate! The flavour of the cheese was quite mild and its texture wasn’t too chewy so we really enjoyed this!

Chicken Caesar Salad – Quite a nice salad which I think can be a meal in itself. It had a generous sprinkling of powdered cheese and overall I found it a little too cheesy (literally) for me.

We were given a choice of main courses – Salmon or Indian Butter Chicken.

Salmon – It seems to look rather plain but the taste was better than the presentation.

Indian Butter Chicken – This was served with 2 pieces of roti prata and a pappadum. I felt the chicken was a little overdone but the gravy was nice and went well with the prata.

When we were almost done with our main courses, I was pulled aside and informed about a birthday cake surprise for my sister! It’s her birthday today and the RWS Digital Team had prepared a cake! Wow…it was really thoughtful for them!! First-ever birthday celebration at Fans Day Out!

I think she was a little overwhelmed by it all…

No question about it but the cake was our dessert of the day…

It was time to bid adieu and everyone received a goodie bag containing souvenirs from USS and MLP (contents may differ slightly).

1430hrs – closing           Free & Easy at Adventure Cove Waterpark & S.E.A. Aquarium

That was the end of our Fans event and we were left to do as we pleased with the rest of the afternoon. With tickets to 3 attractions which would need at least 2½ days to cover thoroughly, we had to decide how best to utilise them.

We ended up doing a walking tour of the waterpark before it rained heavily, which resulted in us spending our time at the aquarium instead, followed by 2 more rides on the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase and 1 on BSG-Human before we called it a day.

Finally, here’s a summary of the day’s activities, as captured by the RWS Digital Team.

Many thanks to the RWS Digital Team (and all the RWS staff involved) for a fabulous Fans Day Out!!

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