Yummy Durian Cream Puffs from YeZ Cakes

I had ordered a box of nine Durian Cream Puffs from this small bakery as I had heard it is one of their signature items. However, when I went down to collect the puffs, I had problems locating the shop as they do not have any signage outside with the bakery’s name. If you look at the shopfront, it resembles a kitchen for one of the neighbouring eateries except for pictures of cakes pasted on the glass panels. I had circled the block and followed the smell of freshly baked puff pastry before I managed to find the place…

These durian cream puffs are of a decent size.

I bit halfway into the first one and it was so full of cream that half of it oozed out onto the palm of my hand! The puffs were generously filled with delicious durian puree and the pastry was light and fragrant – a perfect combination!

Verdict: I was thrilled to have found this bakery and I’ll definitely buy the durian puffs again!

YeZ Cakes
180 Albert Street #01-19a
Albert Court Village Hotel
Singapore 189971.

Tel: +65 6338 8652
Mobile: +65 8113 3224
Email: sales@yezcake.com

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