Jollibee at Lucky Plaza

I had for a long time heard about this fast food chain from my Filipino colleagues and they raved about the fried chicken. The first Jollibee outlet finally opened in Singapore on 12th March 2013 and there were unbelievably long queues which took at least 1-2 hours just to get into the outlet and order the food!

Three months on and the queues are still there especially during lunch and dinner and worse on weekends. I had made 3 attempts to eat here since its opening but turned away each time I saw the crowd.


Finally on this day as I had a medical appointment and was in the area, I decided to have a late lunch here to avoid the peak hour crowd. At 3pm on a weekday, the queue was only about 5-10min long and the tables were about 95% occupied.

I ordered a 1 piece Chickenjoy with Spaghetti. The chicken was crispy on the outside and tender and moist on the inside. Although the seasoning used for the chicken tasted quite simple, the satisfaction to your tastebuds definitely surpasses that fried chicken fast food outlet with a 3-letter acronym!

A cup of brown gravy was given as an accompaniment to the chicken and some people say that’s one of the highlights but I didn’t feel the same way as I found it to be salty.


The spaghetti was covered with a sweet tomato-based sauce which had the consistency of ketchup, and topped with grated cheese. It sort of reminded me of home-cooking with instant pasta sauce.

Overall the food was quite nice, considering that this is a fast food outlet. I will definitely patronise again provided that the queues are short (I mean how can you call it fast food if you need to queue hours for it, don’t you agree?!).

304 Orchard Road
#06-48A Lucky Plaza
Singapore 238863.
Tel: 6735 5117
Opening Hours: Daily 9am ~ 9pm

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