The Addams Family Musical in Singapore – Part 2 (Backstage Tour)

As mentioned in my previous post, we had the opportunity to meet the entire cast onstage about 15mins before the start of the show, with strict instructions not to touch anything as everything on the stage had already been preset for the show. We were then hurriedly ushered offstage and back to the main auditorium as the show was about to begin.

After the curtain call, we made another trip backstage for a tour of the set. This backstage tour was as part of “The Addams Family Facebook Fans/Bloggers Special” event organized by the Communications team of Resorts World Sentosa (RWS).

We were divided into about 4 or 5 groups and were told that each group would have a “guide” to show us around.

A door opened and out came Shaun Rice, who portrays Uncle Fester in the musical. He still had some makeup on but had already changed out of his stage attire. I took a picture with him before he led the first group off on their tour.

I was assigned to be in the fourth group and had to wait patiently for our “guide” to arrive. The previous group had already left with Dan Olson (Lurch) and we didn’t know who to expect to lead our group as it depended on who was the next person who appeared through the doorway…

In the meantime, I was looking around and saw this TV screen in the “Quick Change” room (also the Production Office), which shows what’s happening both on and off stage.

The guide for our group finally showed up and I was pleasantly surprised that it was Jesse Sharp!! Wow…backstage tour with Gomez!! The cat got my tongue for a while… ^_^

Photo Credit: Resorts World Sentosa

We had a wander onto the stage…

Here’s a closer look at the set…

Depending on the angle and the correct lighting, the set and props can look more 3D. If you look at this picture below, it’s hard to tell but the gravestone is actually a piece of flat board.

The head of the Addams family divulged that he really liked the Festive Grand theatre as it has a lot of depth and a huge space backstage as compared to the theatres in the US. Hmm…really? I was surprised to hear that.

If you have watched the musical, you may have noticed two TV screens placed at the front on each side of the stage – these aren’t prompters but they are actually used for the cast to watch the conductor as there isn’t any orchestral pit in this theatre and the musicians are located backstage. Wow…so they have no assistance whatsoever in the event that they forget their lines/lyrics!!

The cast and company do not rehearse much as they are already performing 8 shows a week so there isn’t any need for further rehearsals unless there is a change to one of the cast members or if the dance choreographer thinks that something isn’t quite right. For the show in Singapore, there was a change in the cast for the role of Pugsley, as the boy who acted in the US tour couldn’t travel to Singapore. Thus, they had several rehearsals two weeks before the show for the newest member of the cast to be familiarised with everything.

I went over to meet Dan Olson, who plays Lurch, and found him to be really really TALL!!

Grandma Addams (Amanda Bruton) then showed up minus makeup and costume. Gosh…what a difference! Here’s a picture of Shaun Rice (Uncle Fester) and Amanda Bruton (Grandma):

Took a picture with two of the Ancestors – the lady on my left is Elizabeth Hake but I’m not sure who the guy is especially under all that makeup! I spotted them patronising that fast food chain with the golden arches after our backstage tour. Guess it’s comfort food? 😉

Now let’s have a look at the props… oh lookie here – what’s that hiding behind the staircase?

It’s Cousin Itt!!

Some of the costumes used in the show…

The same costumes taken from a different angle and a clearer view of Uncle Fester’s costume and “legs” used during that black light scene in which he sang a love song to the moon (“The Moon and Me”).

Pugsley’s costume used in the scene when he was carrying his pet.


These trees were used by the Ancestors in the Central Park scene where the Beinekes were trying to find their way to the Addams’ house.

Grandma’s apothecary cart – see if you can spot the bottle of Acrimonium!

Bed used in the scene where Pugsley thinks there is a monster under the bed… Do you see one?

There were just too many props backstage and I wasn’t able to photograph everything! In the following picture, we can see the moon and stars used in “The Moon and Me”, the duck which Wednesday shot, the rocket used by Fester to fly to the Moon, the chalice used in the “Full Disclosure” game, etc…

Part of Gomez’s collection of exotic torture devices, which was demonstrated to Mal Beineke in one of the scenes.

This was the gate in the graveyard which the Ancestors exited from when they were summoned back to the land of the living.

Tables from the dining scene when the traditional Addams family game “Full Disclosure” was played, as well as the lever (on the right of the photo) which Wednesday used as part of the contraption for torturing Pugsley in “Pulled”.

Photo Source: Resorts World Sentosa

A close-up of one of the dining tables:

It was a brief but interesting tour of the backstage of The Addams Family Musical. Many thanks to RWS for organising this!

For more details about the musical, check out The Addams Family Musical in Singapore – Part 1 (The Show)

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