Kung Wo Soya Bean Factory (公和荳品廠)

Kung Wo Soya Bean Factory (公和荳品廠) was established in 1893 and is one of the oldest shops in Hong Kong which sells the traditional soya bean curd. I vaguely remember eating at this shop in Sham Shui Po in 1996 but had since misplaced the address and directions to get here, thus I was so glad when I recently did some searching on the internet and managed to locate its address again!

This place sells all things related to soya bean, both sweet and savoury – i.e. soya bean milk, soya bean curd, fried tofu topped with fish paste and fried taupok (a brownish bean curd with a wrinkled skin and soft interior) stuffed with fish paste.

We can see the staff tirelessly at work and there was an endless queue of customers buying takeaways.

I placed my order for everything on the menu except the soya bean drink!

Left: Traditionally made soya bean curd – I felt that somehow it wasn’t as smooth as I remembered it to be. Think I now prefer Yan Wo‘s version to this.
Right: A combination set which comprises both the fried tofu and the fried taupok – it was really good!!

Many sauces are available at the table and you can use these to enhance the taste of the fried tofu and taupok. The orange granules of sugar are to be used for the soya bean curd (i.e. if you have a really sweet tooth).

Definitely worth a visit if you love food made from soya bean!

Do note that there is limited seating and you may be asked (or more likely told) to share a table with strangers. The place could be packed during peak hours but the turnover is quite high so it won’t take long to get a table.

Kung Wo Soya Bean (公和荳品廠)
G/F, 118 Pei Ho Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong.
Telephine: 2386 6871
Opening Hours: Daily 07:00-21:00

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