Rainbow Seafood Restaurant (天虹海鮮酒家) at Lamma Island

I was doing my pre-trip research on places to eat seafood on Lamma Island and Rainbow Seafood Restaurant (天虹海鮮酒家) came up in many of the search results – either it’s very popular or they have good marketing. Anyway, I decided to go try it out…

Located next to the Sok Kwu Wan ferry pier, it’s the first restaurant that you’ll see when you disembark from the ferry.

Basically, live seafood (usually the catch of the day) is displayed and they are sold by weight unless otherwise specified.

Pictures of the restaurant’s recommended dishes can be seen on the banner next to the live seafood.

What you’ll need to do is to inform the staff on which seafood items you want to have and tell them how you want the dishes to be prepared. If you have no idea on which cooking style you want your seafood to be done, the staff can provide some recommendations.

Killing time whilst waiting for our food… Here’s some chilli oils/sauces to accompany our meal.


Our food finally arrived!…

Fried Lobster with Butter Sauce (芝士焗龍虾) – Sounds extravagant? We ordered the cheapest lobster (小青龍) available in the tanks and it still cost us HKD$300 for this serving. The cheesy buttery fragrant topping paired with the fresh plump springy lobster flesh made it worth the price!

Fried Squilla with Salt & Pepper (椒鹽瀨尿蝦) – Squilla is also known as Mantis Shrimp, which looks a little like a prawn but is longer and has a harder shell (almost as hard as a crayfish’s). We only ordered one to try and this method of preparation is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. I must say that it was good!

Here’s how the Squilla looks in its live state. We ordered the big one but the staff told us that these ones today were rather small compared to the ones that are available on other days.

Baked Scallops with Cheese – The scallops were going at HKD$30 per piece which sounded quite reasonable so we ordered two. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cheese topping was actually a mixture of cheese with mashed potato and some tiny potato cubes. Mmm…we were impressed by the flavour and it was certainly different from the topping used for the lobster.

Overall, I don’t think the seafood here is cheap (depending on what you order) but it could be cheaper than having seafood in the city.

Rainbow Seafood Restaurant (天虹海鮮酒家)
23-25 First St.
Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2982-8100
Email: rainbow@rainbowrest.com.hk

There is a free ferry service in the evenings and on weekends from Hong Kong Island or Tsim Sha Tsui ferry piers. Check the restaurant’s website for more details and the latest schedules.

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