Bo Innovation (廚魔)

After watching an episode of Asian Times on the Travel Channel and laughing at Julian Hanton’s experiences in Hong Kong, one of the more interesting restaurants which he visited was Bo Innovation, so I made a note to go try the food there the next time I visit Hong Kong.

This two Michelin-starred restaurant is ranked #15 on the list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013 and is helmed by Alvin Leung, who looks a rock star and is also nicknamed “The Demon Chef”.

If your purse strings are a little tight, I would suggest that you dine here for lunch as dinner will cost a whole lot more.

The restaurant has limited seating so advance reservations are recommended. Within 10 minutes after I snapped the picture below, the tables were all occupied.

We were sat down and asked if we wanted “still or sparkling”? Our orders were then taken and we sought advice from the waiter on the dishes and ended up going with his recommendations on the starters.

There are 2 menus available for lunch and as my other half wasn’t too keen on spending too much, we decided on the cheaper “Bo Set Lunch”.


  Choice of 2 Dim Sum (or) Classic “bo” dishes

  Choice of Main Course

  • slow cooked, suckling pig, chinese vinegar, egg

  • pigeon, stuffed with chinese liver sausage, shiitake mushroom cake, chicken jus infused sour plum

  • cod, white miso, sauternes, seaweed ( $100 supplement )

  • pan roasted scallop, crispy woba, peas, shanghainese “jo lo” ( $100 supplement )

  • carabinero red prawn, “har mi”, “lo mein”, chili ( $150 supplement )

  • saga-gyu beef, black truffle, cheung fun ( $450 supplement )

  Starch and Dessert du jour

  HK$ 288.00 (plus 10% service charge)


These were the available choices for the Dim Sum and Classic “bo” dishes:

 Dim Sum

  • “har gau” black truffle XO  ( 2 pcs )  $50

  • foie gras potsticker  ( 1 pc )  $50

  • deep fried cuttlefish, kaffir lime sauce  ( 2 pcs )  $50

  • chicken, pesto bamboo shoot spring roll  ( 2 pcs )  $50

  • cod ball, morel, extra virgin olive oil  ( 2 pcs )  $50


 classic “bo” dishes

  • cauliflower risotto, black truffle, duck jus ( v )  $50

  • black truffle “cheung fun” ( v )  $50

  • pan fried foie gras, white miso, lettuce wrap  $90  ( $40 supplement )

Table setting:

“har gau” black truffle XO – It was my first time having such a luxurious “har gau” which was topped with a slice of black truffle and dried scallop (i.e. XO sauce shredded scallop). The ingredients were fresh and the flavours were well complemented.

deep fried cuttlefish, kaffir lime sauce – I was expecting calamari strips based on its name but we ended up being served with cuttlefish balls instead! The kaffir lime sauce added a burst of flavour to the dish.

chicken, pesto bamboo shoot spring roll – This spring roll has quite a nice taste and the right level of crispness. I think it will go down well with the Western palate.

cod ball, morel, extra virgin olive oil – We actually didn’t order this dish but it was served to us as either the waiter or the kitchen got our order wrong. Anyway, after we had clarified with the waiter, he went off to check on our order (which was indeed incorrect) and later informed us this dish was on the house. I’ve never eaten a fishball made from cod before and this one contained more fish meat than flour. The flavours were a bit subtle as this was a steamed dish.

black truffle “cheung fun” – Yum! This was definitely my favourite out of all the starters!! Each roll of the cheong fun was evenly seasoned and the black truffle made them delightful morsels to be savoured.

Next were the main courses…

pigeon, stuffed with chinese liver sausage, shiitake mushroom cake, chicken jus infused sour plum – I have never been impressed by a pigeon dish until now! The meat was well marinated and the chinese liver sausage stuffing was tasty too. I wasn’t quite sure about the shiitake mushroom cake though – it looked a little strange.


cod, white miso, sauternes, seaweed – I like the way the chef decorated this dish! The cod was nice but I felt the serving was rather small.

Starch – This was a bowl of fried rice with flying fish roe. It had a nice wok hei flavour and the fish roe gave an extra “crunch” with each bite.

Dessert du jour – Chocolate Mousse topped with gold flakes, paired with coffee ice-cream with coconut & chocolate crisps, plus some raspberry crisps at the side. Nice!!

At the end of the meal, my dear hubby asked, “So when are we coming back to try the other menu?” – wow…what a drastic change of tune from before the meal! I guess it was also partially due to the squeals of delight which we heard from the couple at the next table who had ordered the more expensive lunch set (the food served was a visual spectacle as well)! Oh well, it looks like I’ll need to make another trip back to Hong Kong!

BO Innovation (廚魔)
Shop 13, 2/F J Residence, 60 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
(Private lift entrance on 18 Ship Street)
灣仔莊士敦道60號 J Senses 2樓13號舖

Opening Hours:
Lunch (Mon-Fri): 12:00pm – 2:30pm (Last Order 2:00pm)
Dinner (Mon-Fri): 7:00pm – midnight (Last Order 10:00pm)
Saturday and Public Holidays: 6:00pm – midnight
Closed on Sun

Tel: +852 2850 8371

Nearest MTR: Wan Chai (Exit A3)

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