Disney Special Dim Sum Lunch Set at Crystal Lotus (晶荷軒)

I had heard about Disney character shaped dim sum and was interested in trying it just for the novelty, thus I did some searching online to find out more…

It turns out that this “special” dim sum is only available on weekends at the Crystal Lotus restaurant (晶荷軒), located in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, and is apparently quite popular, so you’ll need to make advance reservations if you want to dine there.

There is however a current lunch set promotion for hotel guests which is available daily and some of the Disney character dim sum items are included as part of the set (…and this was one of the reasons why I then decided to stay at the hotel).

I had pre-booked my lunch before my arrival in Hong Kong and collected these coupons from the front desk when I checked in. They were to be presented at the restaurant and the bill would then be charged to my room.

The restaurant is located at the same level as the hotel lobby.

You can find lotus motifs around the restaurant…

…and even the chandeliers have lotus flowers which hold the light bulbs.

The menu at our table displayed the items in the lunch set (迪士尼特色點心午餐) that we were having, so we didn’t get a chance to have a look at their à la carte menu.

Rice Pasta with Shredded Chicken Salad in Sesame Sauce (麻醬雞絲粉皮) – It doesn’t look that appetising at first glance but the sesame sauce was fragrant and overall this starter was quite tasty. Hmm…I didn’t know that the thick strands of tang hoon are called rice pasta!

Posing with the next few dishes! Gosh…these were super super super CUTE!!! ^_^

Little Pig Barbecue Pork Bun (蠔汁叉燒豬仔包) – I think there was more “bun” in this than barbecue pork! Still they looked really adorable and it was a shame to have to eat them!

Little Green Men Pork and Vegetable Bun (綠色小人菜肉包) – One of the buns looked a bit disfigured with a different coloured eye. However, the filling in these buns was quite tasty and I felt tempted to say “Ooooh!” after I ate one… ;D

Mickey’s Seafood Glutinous Pancake (米奇煎薄餅) – The pancake was chewy probably cos it was glutinous and I wasn’t really a fan of this.

Double-boiled Sea Whelk and Stuffed Whole Dried Scallops in Mickey Winter Melon Soup (米奇元貝燉螺頭) – This came in individual bowls, each containing a slice of wintermelon which was cut in the shape of Mickey’s head and stuffed with carrot bits and a scallop. The soup was extremely flavourful and full of double-boiled goodness!

Wok-fried Shrimps and Disney Root Vegetables (迪士尼小炒) – I thought this tasted like a home-cooked dish except for the fact that the veggies were cut in the shape of Mickey’s head and hands (and if you’re wondering…the bowl’s made from flour and was rather tasteless). Overall, quite nice but you may want to avoid eating the bowl which wasn’t crispy anyway.

Here’s a more detailed look at the items which were contained in that edible bowl – as you can see, all the different types of vegetables were sliced into Mickey-related shapes!

Braised de-boned Short Rib in Spicy Sichuan Sauce (川味家常燜牛小排) – Love this dish! The gravy was fragrant and extremely flavourful, plus the beef was very tender.

Fried Rice with Crispy Eel and Pickled Vegetables in Golden Nest (金盞脆鱔炒飯) – The rice had a lovely wok hei fragrance but the pieces of eel looked and tasted more like char siew rather than eel. I didn’t really notice if there were pickled vegetables in the rice but the entire combination with the nest made from deep fried crispy wonton skin was perfect!

Combo of “Duffy” Steamed Red Bean Puree Bun, Chilled Mickey’s Red Bean Honey Pudding and Chilled Mickey’s Green Tea Jelly (「Duffy 迪士尼小熊」 紅豆蓉包拼雙色凍糕) – I couldn’t bear to eat Duffy and I think I must have stared at it for about 5-10min before I finally devoured it! The red bean filling wasn’t too sweet so I kind of enjoyed it (FYI – I’m not a huge fan of red bean). I wasn’t sure if the jelly was the same as that described on the menu but the top half of the Mickey-shaped one seemed to be osmanthus jelly (桂花糕), and the bottom half was a red bean pudding. The other piece tasted like yam.

Thrilled and satisfied customers!! 😀

Crystal Lotus (晶荷軒)
Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Serving Time:
12:00noon – 2:00pm (Mon – Fri)
11:00am – 3:00pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holidays)

Price: HK$378 & up per Person if you are a hotel guest (Original Price: HK$415)
(Minimum 2 persons to dine, price inclusive of tea, condiments and service charge)

– Advance booking is required for extra order of Disney-style Dim Sum.
– The menu & price are subject to change.

According to the Hong Kong Disneyland website, this offer is valid from 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014 (“Promotion Period”) and the last check-in date is on 31st March 2014.

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