GRUB at Bishan Park

I had heard of this place and wanted to try it for some time but wasn’t sure of its exact location as Bishan Park is quite big and occupies two plots of land totalling 62 hectares in size.

On a whim, I finally went to hunt it down.


At the entrance there is a sign informing customers not to queue. If you happen to arrive during their peak hours and the place is full, what you’ll need to do is to key your contact details into their iPad located at the entrance (you’ll need to specify additional details like number of persons, whether outdoor seating is ok, any preference for table sharing, etc.) and they will contact you once a table is available. However, if the image on the iPad states “Sorry, we are full for today”, then this means you’ll just have to come back another time.


We arrived there at about 7:25pm (on a Saturday) and were told that the waiting time for a table for two would be 45min (30min if you don’t mind outdoor seating and are willing to share a table). Having selected all the available options, we managed to get our table about 35min later.

On another weekend, we went there for brunch and arrived at about 11am, but it was 1 hour before we got our table!!

In case you are wondering… the food is indeed worth the wait!

I kinda like the display at the counter in the air-conditioned area of the restaurant. When most of the tables have already been occupied, diners will be asked whether they would mind sitting at this counter.


Mentaiko Fries – mentaiko aioli, nori seaweed
This seems to be fries with a Japanese-inspired twist. The mentaiko sauce was a little salty but went well with the strips of seaweed and the perfectly cooked fries. Looking around at the other tables, this dish seems to be quite popular with other customers too! Extra sauce is given on the side, just in case you need more for your fries. We wiped it all clean!

Chili Con Carne – beef mince, sour cream, corn chips
Yummy, yummy, yummy! Loved the plain smoky flavoured corn chips and especially the dip which had minced beef in a tomato based sauce, garnished with some sour cream and chimichurri. It reminded me of a rich and flavourful spaghetti bolognaise sauce.

Pan-seared King Salmon – risotto, cashew chimichurri
The risotto had a buttery herb fragrance and I guess the brown bits were the cashew but I couldn’t really make it out as there were a lot of flavours in the sauce. The salmon had a crisp layer at the top.

Slow Roasted Pork Belly – mango sauce, mash, cherry tomatoes salsa
When this arrived at our table, my hubby said “hey, that’s siu yuk“! Well, technically it is…
The pork belly had a top layer of nice crispy crackling and the meat wasn’t too dry but it was a bit difficult to slice due to the crackling. The mash was quite light and fluffy and surprisingly the mango sauce complemented it well!

Pork Steak Burger – with sweet apple and cashew chimichurri
Fries are served on the side and this is probably one of the best pork burgers that I’ve had in Singapore!

GRUB Cheeseburger – 100% freshly minced beef patty, Monterey Jack cheese
This nice juicy beef burger dripping with melted cheese kept the Hubs happy. ^_^

Chocolate Pots – dark chocolate pudding, spicy cashew praline crumble
The pudding was smooth but bitter, as was expected of dark chocolate. However, it tasted sweeter when eaten with the crumble. Initially we thought the crumbly bits were golden brown sugar as it looked like it and was sweet although it also had specks of chilli in it. Those who like a spicier kick can chew on the fresh chilli I suppose (but we didn’t try).

Churros – dark chocolate, tangy creme anglaise
Mmm…these churros were lip-smackingly good! They were not as hard as the churro sticks that we used to buy when we visited the U.S.A. The version here is like a sugared and spiced western version of you tiao, crisp on the outside, yet soft on the inside. Two dips came along with this – The creme anglaise had a hint of lemon in it which made it quite a refreshing dip, except that the custard was a bit runny and kept dripping off the churros and onto the table. It would have been perfect if its consistency was a little thicker. The dark chocolate on the other hand was perfect.

Affogato – expresso, french vanilla ice cream
Coffee addicts will probably love this (just like my hubby did) although at first glance it doesn’t look that pleasing to the eye. Sorry, I’m more of a tea person so I don’t know how to appreciate this dessert, but I must say that the expresso in the dessert did have a robust flavour.


GRUB Breakfast Set – with a coffee/tea/homemade or canned drink
– grilled focaccia, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, side salad
– choice of chicken cheese or garlic thyme pork sausage

It sounded like a lot of food but actually everything is served on one plate and it was a satisfying breakfast!

Beef & Guinness Pie – with mash and side salad
Errmmm…this is so NOT what we expected for a pie! At least, not how we thought it would look like! It’s actually a crispy puff pie base, topped with all the ingredients which typically make up the pie filling, plus mash potato and parmesan cheese. Surprisingly, it was actually quite good and my other half loved it!


Verdict:  We loved the quality of the food and the flavours!! Just note that you’ll need to arrive early at the restaurant to avoid the long waiting times, otherwise you’ll just have to go for a walk around the park until you get your table.

510, Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 (Pond Gardens – formally known as Bishan Park 1)
Singapore 569983
Tel: +65 64595743  (Reservations are not accepted)

Opening Hours
Tue – Fri  5:30pm – 10:30pm
Sat, Sun and PH   9:00am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10:30pm
Kitchen closes at 2pm and 9:45pm.

Closed on Mondays and the last Tuesday of every month.

Getting There:
Travel along CTE towards SLE and take exit Ang Mo Kio Ave 1. Continue for about 2km and turn left at Marymount Rd. Keep right for 450m and turn right to Sin Ming Ave. Travel along Sin Ming Ave for 800m and turn into first car park on the right (opposite Blk 408). Grub is right across the bridge.

Public Transport:
From Bishan MRT Station (North-South Line NS17 & Circle Line CC15), take bus no. 52 or 410W (NOT 410G). After passing The Salvation Army on your right, alight at the 3rd bus stop [no. 53341].

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