Going Gaga over Minions at Universal Studios Singapore!

What’s yellow, says “Bello” and loves bananas? These cute gibberish-speaking cylindrical creatures made famous from the Despicable Me movies, will be the latest meet-and-greet characters at Universal Studios Singapore (USS). Yes, the minions are finally here!!

I was looking forward to meeting Stuart and Jerry and put them to the banana test…..and true to my expectations, they became hyper when they saw it!

After which, both of them looked ready to follow me home! :p

Visitors to USS can meet the minions starting 1st December 2013 at the Hollywood zone of the park and they will appear wearing Santa hats for the month of December to fit in with the Christmas theme. In the meantime, here’s a look at the animated duo…


The Universal Studios Store, located just across from the entrance of the park, has been stocked with minion memorabilia. Gosh…I was truly overwhelmed by the selection of merchandise! Souvenir hunters should be pleased with the range of items which are available.

You can buy minion bedroom slippers…

…and there’s a whole selection of plushies to choose from!

Here’s a closer look at the Gru doll.

I was tempted to adopt these new pets!

More toys and apparel line the walls…

…and something interesting caught my eye – look, it’s a Fart Gun which has light and sound effects!  I tried it out and thought it certainly sounded disgusting!!  The description on the box says “Go ahead take a sniff” but I must say that I wasn’t too keen on doing that, so if you want to find out how it smells, come down and try it yourself! LOL…

A selection of t-shirts are available…

…and there are even cute little rompers for the toddlers!

Some ridiculous looking hats and backpacks can also be found here – now this is minion mania to the max!

Other items available include photo frames and notepads.

Water bottles and mugs – the water bottles look cute in the store but I don’t think I want to wake up in the middle of the night and see one staring at me!

Minion goggles can also be bought.

Those who like light chaser toys can buy these ones.

Magnet collectors can add these (and more!) to your collection.

A selection of pins and key chains are also available.

Since Christmas is just around the corner, here’s an innovative way to dress up your Christmas Tree – using minion keychains!

Thanks to RWS for the invite to the special preview of the Despicable Me Minions!! They are SOOO CUTE!!!

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