Mei Heong Yuen Dessert (味香园甜品)

Mei Heong Yuen has long been famous for the Farmer Brand groundnuts and Mei Heong Yuen Dessert (味香园甜品) is opened by Connie and Clara Lee, daughters of Mei Heong Yuen’s founder. It specializes in different varieties of pastes and steamed egg pudding.

There is a wide selection of desserts and too many to try in one visit. Anyway, these are what I have tried so far…

Peanut Paste (生磨花生糊) – This was a smooth paste, not too thick and it wasn’t watery. The smell and taste of the peanuts was very fragrant and it is undoubtedly why this has been their signature dessert over the years. Try it – it’s really good!

Walnut Paste (生磨核桃糊) – Similar to the peanut paste, this had a nice consistency and it wasn’t bitter like some other walnut pastes which I have tried elsewhere. I enjoyed it very much.

Mango and Strawberry Snow Ice (芒果草莓雪花冰) – This is Snow Ice from Taiwan, which is different from the typical shaved ice desserts that I’ve tried in Singapore. Its texture is almost as creamy as ice-cream but it still retains the light fluffiness of ice. There were several flavours to choose from and I couldn’t decide, so I went with this combination which is served with fresh mango and strawberries, as well as little pearls which burst when you bite into them, releasing a flavoured syrup.

Mango Roll (芒果卷) – Looking at the pictures on the menu and on the wall around the restaurant, I couldn’t quite make out what was the white stuff which was wrapped around the mango and it looked like chee cheong fun to me. Anyway, I ordered this to try and found it was a thin layer of coconut jelly. Combined with the fresh mango slices, it was a nice dessert!

Glutinous rice with Chicken (糯米鸡) – This was lovely and makes for a nice snack or a light meal. It contains smooth chicken pieces embedded in a fragrant glutinous rice – not too oily and it wasn’t dry. Mmm…delicious!

3-Colour Cakes (三色糕) – If you are wondering what this dish is, it is perfect for someone who wants to have a taste of everything – this comprises of Yam Cake (芋头糕), Carrot Cake (萝卜糕) and Pumpkin Cake (南瓜糕) – one piece each, hence the three colours. The pumpkin cake was a little unusual for me as it is not typically found at most eating places. I enjoyed the yam cake and the carrot cake more. All three had a good texture which was soft and you can taste the actual ingredients unlike some places which use more flour in theirs.

I noticed this place is extremely popular with tourists and it seems to be THE PLACE to go for desserts in Singapore. Definitely worth repeated visits.

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert (味香园甜品)
No. 63 – 67 Temple Street
63-67号 牛车水登婆街
Singapore 058611.

Phone: 6221 1156

Opening Hours: Daily 10:30am to 10pm

Getting There by MRT:
It’s 2-min walk from Chinatown station, exit A.

They also have 2 other outlets at ION Orchard and Chinatown Point.

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One thought on “Mei Heong Yuen Dessert (味香园甜品)

  1. Their snow ice is amazing. Always loved Mei Heong Yuen. Bird’s Nest Soup is also kinda unique in Singapore.


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