Character Greetings at USS – Festive Edition!

This is a “festive edition” of the Character Meet and Greet sessions and is a follow up to my previous Character Greetings at USS post. I’ve updated this post to showcase some of the new Chinese New Year 2014 outfits.

(All photos are from my personal collection taken since the park was first opened until now)



Kungfu Panda – Po has an additional red muffler around his neck during the Christmas season.

Frankenstein – Now this guy did attempt to add a bit more Christmas colour to his otherwise drab wardrobe.


Woody Woodpecker and Winnie Woodpecker – The woodpeckers have donned different costumes during the Christmas and Chinese New Year periods.

Woody’s wardrobe changes for Christmas and Chinese New Year are as follows:

Here are Winnie’s outfits from 2012 (left) and 2011 (right)…

…and of course, Chinese New Year (2013)!

**UPDATED** Taken on 27-Jan-2014:
The Woodpeckers’ Chinese New Year outfits remained the same for 2014 and in this photo, Winnie was annoyed cos Woody had his arm around my shoulders, so she tried to stand in front of me to block me from the cameras. LOL!…

**UPDATED** Taken on 12-May-2014:
New outfits for Easter 2014! Can you spot the Easter eggs?

Taken on 27-Dec-2013:
Minions – Who can resist these cuties! Too adorable and you just can’t get enough of them!! Do note that the queues were exceptionally long for these two but I just had to get a picture with them! ^_^


New York

Beetlegeuse – We can see how he loves to play Santa Claus.

Taken on 12-Dec-2013:

Charlie Chaplin – I’m not sure if you can see it but there is a Christmassy ornament attached on the left of Charlie’s hat. He kept moving so I couldn’t get a better shot of it!

Marilyn Monroe – I guess she can’t change out of her signature white dress, hence the only option is to accessorize…

Taken on 12-Dec-2013: A different Marilyn but similar outfit and accessory (shoes are different though!).

Betty Boop – Like Marilyn, she too had an additional accessory pinned onto her dress. Apologies that I don’t have a better photo as it was night and she kept moving a lot! (photo taken in 2012)

Taken on 12-Dec-2013: Notice the slight changes in the accessories?

**UPDATED** Taken on 7-May-2014:
Mel’s Dinettes – The girls have accessorized with bunny ears for Easter!

Cookie Monster – Cookie had a striped green muffler and a Santa hat on but I wondered why he also had a ball in his hand.


Oscar The Grouch – Guess his scrooge-like personality is more obvious during the festive period.

**UPDATED** Taken on 22-Jan-2014:
I wonder whose ingenious idea it was to decorate Oscar’s trash can with gold coins and gold ingots? I thought it was funny and Oscar seemed pissed by all the attention he was getting with his newly decorated trash can!

Ernie – He looks like he’s feeling the wintery cold (except that this is hot and humid Singapore!). Haha…

Bert – Mismatched gloves, a muffler and what looks like a nightcap on his head…

**UPDATED** Taken on 27-Jan-2014:
Elmo – Hmm…nice outfit with a matching hat which has a pigtail attached to it. You can’t see the hat in this photo but do check out my Chinese New Year 2014 video at the bottom of this post and you’ll be able to get a better look at the hat.

**UPDATED** Taken on 27-Jan-2014:
Grover – I like this red outfit which is a contrast to Grover’s blue fur but I thought it makes him look like a waiter. LOL…

Taken on 27-Dec-2013:
Santa Claus – This is the first year (i.e. 2013) that I’ve seen Santa and his elves making their appearance at Universal Studios Singapore! (It’s probably cos this meet-and-greet is immediately after the Sesame Street Saves Christmas performance)

**UPDATED** Taken on 7-May-2014:
Easter Bunny – This new character was introduced for Easter 2014 and I was pleasantly surprised that it’s E.B. from the movie Hop! He’s SOOOO ADORABLE!

**UPDATED** Taken on 7-May-2014:
Egg Lord – A wacky character who’s part of the Easter 2014 show, which features the Easter Bunny.


Far Far Away

Shrek and Princess Fiona – I wonder if ogres believe in Santa Claus?

Puss in Boots – Meow? He’s a sweetheart!



Taken on 27-Dec-2013:
Madagascar Characters – They are accessorized to fit the festive season and as the character meet-and-greet session is immediately after the Madagascar Boogie! performance, these characters thus perform in their festive gear. The park is usually extremely crowded during the festive periods so I didn’t queue to take pictures with them.


I guess the holiday mood is purely confined to Hollywood, New York, Far Far Away and Madagascar, as I haven’t seen any changes to the costumes at the rest of the zones (i.e. Sci-Fi City, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt) in the park.

All other characters not shown in this post did not have any festive changes made to their outfits. I particularly liked what they did for the Woodpeckers and Beetlegeuse – all the rest only had an additional fashion accessory which was either a muffler or some Christmas decoration.

I was also glad that some of the Sesame Street gang have new outfits for Chinese New Year 2014.

For a comparison on how these characters look on normal days (i.e. when it’s not the festive season), do check out my other post – Character Greetings at USS.

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8 thoughts on “Character Greetings at USS – Festive Edition!

  1. Pingback: Character Greetings at USS | jaznotabi

  2. J

    I tried so hard to look for the Sesame Street characters in Chinese New Year costumes but to no avail! Instead, I saw Ardeth Bay, Scorpion King, Nile Princess and Fairy Godmother three times each!


    • Hi Jeremy, it was nice meeting you. Yesterday’s timings for the CNY Sesame Street characters were: About 1:20pm – Oscar; 4:30pm – Elmo and Grover.
      Do you like the video? I still haven’t found the CNY versions of Cookie Monster and Abby yet.
      You saw the Fairy Godmother 3 times?? I still haven’t managed to hunt her down yet (i.e. outside of the parade).


      • J

        I asked the character escorts for her timing.


      • You can do the same and ask the Sesame Street character escorts for the exact timings. I noticed that character meet and greet, if they happen immediately after the shows, will have the characters in their usual costumes and not the CNY version. For example, I saw Oscar in his CNY costume at 1:20pm but at the 4pm show he was back to his usual non-festive appearance and this was followed by meet and greet.


      • J

        Haha I think I was there when Winnie gave the map to the girl! Nice video


      • J

        I tried to do that but the escort for Charlie Chaplin told me about 1/2 hr after the 2:15 show they would usually appear, and in their cny attire, but they never did.


      • J

        There weren’t any Sesame Street characters and thus I could only ask the Charlie C escort. He also told me Marilyn Monroe would not appear for the day. I was looking for her too.


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