Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak

After eating the “Power Mee Rebus” the other day, we heard about a “Power Nasi Lemak” and decided to go check it out…..this took us to Boon Lay where we found the Haji Maksah Berkat Chahya Food stall. They have several branches in Singapore but this is their main stall.

There was already a long queue when we arrived so it was quite easy to locate the stall. Anyway, the service is quite efficient so the queue clears rather quickly.

There are standard nasi lemak sets (fish or chicken) or you can take your pick from the variety of dishes that are available. It was a tough decision as there were too many dishes to choose from and you’ll feel like ordering everything!! Sambal chilli and a slice of cucumber are included regardless whether you order the set or not.

This is the standard chicken set which comes with a chicken wing, fried egg and ikan bilis (i.e. fried salted anchovies).

I opted to choose my own dishes and went for the chicken wing, long beans, sambal mussels and banana leaf otah.

I found the rice here tastes different from most other nasi lemak that I’ve eaten. Their rice has a rather light coconut milk taste and also has a hint of ginger in it, which makes it feel a little like you are having chicken rice instead of nasi lemak rice, but it was still nice. The chicken wing was crispy and had a nice seasoning, ikan bilis was fresh and crispy and the roasted peanuts were nicely done too. I found the sambal chilli was a little bit sweet but overall went well with the rice and other dishes. The banana leaf otah was good and the sambal mussels tasted just the way I like them. Yum!

Verdict: Definitely worth a second visit!

Haji Maksah Berkat Chahya Food Stall
Blk 221B, Boon Lay Place,
#01-106 Boon Lay Food Centre,
Singapore 642221.

Opening Hours:
Mon: 18:00 – 04:00
Tue – Sun: 06:00 – 15:00, 18:00 – 04:00

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