WA and DQ Martini Room

WA and DQ Martini Room – the name sounds like a watering hole so I didn’t expect that one half of it is actually a restaurant! This place is actually divided into WA Dining Lounge, which serves Asian fusion and Western food dishes; and DQ Martini Room, which is an outdoor martini bar.

I’m usually on the lookout for new places to try and spotted a deal on Groupon which sounded interesting and that was what led me to this place…

Our set meal comprised of two starters, a soup, a main course and a dessert. I didn’t get a chance to look at their menu so the names of the dishes below are according to what was stated on the Groupon deal.

Starter:  Scallop, Grape Pearls
What are grape pearls??  I found that these were actually the flesh from green grapes which had been scooped out in pearl-sized balls. The pan seared scallop was quite a plump morsel and the sauce and some spicy powder went well with it.

Starter:  Foie-gras, White Balsamico Raspberry

This was just a bite-size piece which comprised of 2 tiny pieces of foie gras atop a piece of puff pastry (at first I thought it was a cracker). The raspberry sauce wasn’t sour at all and made a nice accompaniment to the dish. There was also some powdery stuff next to the foie gras and I couldn’t make out whether it was crumbled pistachio as we were eating under dim lighting.

Soup:  Truffle Mushroom Martini

The soup was served in a martini glass and topped with some truffle oil, but its consistency was rather watery and you can’t even feel any mushroom bits in it even though you can taste the mushroom flavour. I prefer a thicker soup so this was a let down for me.

Main:  Confit de Canard

The duck had a crispy skin, was easy to slice and the meat closest to the skin was moist but some other parts were a little dry. It came with something like a sweet vinaigrette sauce and there were green grapes and chick peas buried under, with cherry tomatoes on the side. There was a well-balance of flavours and the grapes and tomatoes provided some moisture to the otherwise dry duck. Upon closer inspection of the grapes, you can see that they had a round hole in the centre which the chick peas could fit into – I then realised that the grapes pearls we had earlier in our starter were actually scooped out from these grapes which they served with this dish – talk about recycling!


Dessert:  Poached Strawberries and Chocolate Soil

Chocolate soil didn’t sound appetizing at all and I found it to be a powder which was grainy and crunchy – it felt like one was eating sand! LOL… don’t get me wrong – it tasted good and the strawberry was nice too.


Verdict:  I was satisfied with the quality of the food (except for the soup) and it was value for money considering that the original price of the set cost $69 but I had paid $34.50 (excluding GST and service charge) due to the Groupon deal.

From 1st March 2014, the restaurant will also serve Japanese food on top of their current menu offerings.

WA Dining Lounge
207 River Valley Road
#01-61 UE Square River Wing
Singapore 238275.

Phone:  +65 9231 5536

Opening Hours:  Mon – Sat 17:00 – 02:00

Getting There by MRT:  15min walk from Clarke Quay station

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