LightSeeker – Backstage Tour

I had the privilege of visiting the backstage of LightSeeker and we were taken on a tour which took us to the deepest, darkest part of Resorts World Sentosa!

It started off with us being ushered to the Green Room of the theatre and along the way we passed one of the dressing rooms, where I noticed a lady combing out any tangles in the wigs being used by Usha, in preparation for the next show.

Meeting the imps was next on the agenda and they were a friendly duo.

I just had to get a picture with Joshua Donovan (Min) and Andy Portelli (Jye)! LOL…

In addition, I found something interesting just outside the entrance to the Green Room…

There was a notice board with various bits of information:

I took a closer look at the list of cast members, plus the creative and stage management team:

Did you know that the show has 39 performers, 34 technicians (riggers) and 5 stage managers?

Located just across from the notice board was this Sign-In Sheet! Since there are 39 performers in the show, I guess this helps to keep track of their whereabouts but it looks like not everyone had signed in today!

We then headed to the stage area to have a look around. Most of their sets were made in South Africa and shipped to Singapore.

This is the set with the trampolines in one of the more memorable scenes with the two acrobats suspended over the audience:

Part of the backdrop used when the characters were on their way to the Chamber of Souls:

The centrepiece of the Conjuring Room scene (Left: how it looks backstage; Right: how it looks on stage with all the lighting in place):


We couldn’t fully explore the stage area as the crew was preparing for the next performance at 8pm (this backstage tour was after the matinee show) and we were trying not to get in their way so we didn’t stay long here.

When they were done, this is how the set for the opening Forest scene looks (partial view cos the screen curtain was half open):

We then headed over to the Training Room, where the performers rehearse…

When we got there, the cast was having a debrief so we had to be really quiet. This short meeting usually takes place after every show.

Here’s our tour guide, Wendi Teoh, who is the producer of the show. Vivienne Carlyle, who plays Usha, can be seen on the right of the photo but she was in the middle of a discussion so we didn’t get a chance to speak with her.

Trampolines of a smaller scale are used for training – these are similar to the ones used on stage.


As we were looking around the training room, something at the far wall caught my eye!

These are customized harnesses used by the cast, as well as a dummy nicknamed “Ruth”, which has the weight of an average person and is used when testing out new acrobatic stunts (i.e. to ensure the safety of the performers, a test run is first done with Ruth).

Next, we were told that we were going down to the deepest, darkest part of the resort! Gosh, it sounded exciting!!…

We got into a lift, which took us down to B4, where we had a look at the area which was beneath the stage. It was a little dark in there and several props can be seen around the premises. Apparently many of the resort’s staff do not know that this place exists!

We spotted the large crystal used in the Conjuring Room scene and learned that it is made of fibreglass.


This is the lift which brings performers up to the stage. If you’re in the theatre, this lift is located downstage and in the musical, this contraption was used by Usha, as well as the serpents in their human form, when they made their entrance on stage.

It was also interesting to see a spiral staircase leading all the way up to the stage level. This flight of stairs also takes you down to B5 (yes, B4 is not the lowest level!) which is not accessible by lift and this floor stores the hydraulic equipment used to operate the stage’s lift.

Found a Basement cue sheet for the show! ^_^

I stumbled upon the Emperor’s costume, as well as several other costumes on the other side of the floor.


So…what else is at B4? This sign at the lift lobby shows the floor directory.

Next stop was the Costume Maintenance room (i.e. sewing room) – it definitely looks like a tailor’s shop in here!

Several costumes, including those worn by Nova and Usha, could be found here.


There’s even a Laundry Room at the back and the washing machines were in operation when we were there. I can just imagine the amount of laundry which needs to be done with 39 performers!

We then made our way up one level to B3 where the Physiotherapy room is located. To respect the privacy of the cast member who was having treatment in there, we didn’t take any photos.

Next, we went back up to B2 (Stage Left) and toured the Hair and Make-Up room.

Gosh…it looks like a hair salon in here!

More costumes can be found here…

…as well as pictures of the characters from the show.


We then headed over to Wardrobe where all the costumes from the show are stored.

The costumes and other articles of clothing were arranged on racks and there were several rows of them.

We were excited to find The General’s headgear and costume, as well as Nova’s dress!

Here are some of the other costumes, including those used by The Dark Army.


An example of the headdress used for the imps.

There were just so many articles of clothing in this place and I must applaud whoever is doing the inventory here!

Back at the stage area, this next picture was taken from Stage Left, which is where the performers picked up their microphones from.

Most of the music in the show is pre-recorded, except for Nou’s singing parts which is accompanied live by a solo musician. Did you know that the performers have customized in-ear monitors so that they can hear the music?

That concludes our tour of the backstage. Many thanks to RWS for arranging this and also to Producer Wendi who showed us around!

Links to my reviews of the musical:


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