Re-Visiting LightSeeker The Musical (improved version)

I had first watched LightSeeker The Musical on 29th November 2013 (see my previous review) and after many critiques from the media, Resorts World Sentosa had gathered feedback from the audience and the musical was revamped in January 2014.

There are noticeable differences with this “new improved version” of the musical, with new songs, new musical arrangements, cast changes and revised acts. Definitely MUCH better than the initial version but there are still areas which I feel can be improved further.


Act 1 is now faster-paced and the scenes mainly focus on building The General’s (a.k.a. The LightSeeker) character so that we can better appreciate the contrast towards the end when he is caught in a dilemma on whether to continue serving and obeying the Emperor or to follow his beliefs. The punk rock strains of the electric guitar have been toned down whenever the General appears and Stuart Boother’s excellent vocals can be heard much clearly now!

Usha’s selfish ambitions are only revealed in Act 2 so that the first Act is centred around The General.

The scenes had been re-written such that the focus was no longer on Nova but rather on The LightSeeker (whom the musical is titled after). I felt the two main characters in the revised version are now The General and Usha.

With regards to Usha’s pets, they’ve gotten rid of the giant spider and the two serpent puppets make more frequent appearances on stage now.

Previous lengthy CGI sequences have been shortened so there is no longer that lull time between the scenes.

Lim Kay Siu, who only appears on the screen projections, used to have two roles as The Cloud Spirit (narrator) and The Emperor, but with the revision in the script, the role of The Cloud Spirit has been retired, so there is no longer any narration throughout the show and the rest of the characters on stage now have a lot more dialogue in order for the audience to understand the plot.

A marked improvement is that the screen curtain now closes whenever the Emperor appears and we get a clearer look at his face which is projected on the full screen, as compared to before when he mostly appeared partially hidden amidst the cloud-like screen which frames the stage.

For those who haven’t watched the musical yet, so that you can get an idea of how the stage looks, here’s a picture with the screen curtain partially opened:

This time there were projections shown on the screen curtain whilst we were waiting for the show to start. These mainly featured the imps but it didn’t have any relation to the main plot.

The show no longer opens with Nova suspended in mid-air. On the other hand, Usha has several scenes now where she appears off the ground, probably to emphasize the fact that she’s a witch and has powers.

I was shocked to learn that Sarah Brown (the original actress who played Nova) had been replaced by Nicole Sokolovic, who used to be the understudy for the role! Nicole did a good job as Nova but I still miss Sarah’s angelic vocals and her princess-like stage presence.

Nou (Brodie Cragg) has also been given more singing parts and a few new songs.

The number of song reprises have been reduced, which is a good thing, as the original version of the show started getting a little monotonous after you’ve heard a certain song for the nth time and began to wonder if their music department had a limited budget.

They’ve also cut down on the number of times where the acrobats are suspended over the audience. In addition, the performers no longer run off the stage and around the audience. I personally feel that they should have kept those segments as it helped to keep the audience captivated.

Overall, the storyline makes more sense now and this new improved version of the musical is probably something that you can consider watching especially if you are looking for some entertainment on a rainy day or somewhere to hide from the haze.

Check out what I saw when I went backstage -> LightSeeker – Backstage Tour.

Show Details

Dates: 28 Nov 2013 – 23 Mar 2014

Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri – 8pm
Sat & Sun – 3pm & 8pm
Wed – No Shows except for the following dates

There is an ongoing promotion for students (50% off).

Terms and conditions:

  • Present student ID upon purchase
  • Applicable for Local & overseas students with a valid student pass
  • Please note that random checks on concession tickets will be conducted at the point of entry
    [Patrons unable to present proof of eligibility are required to upgrade their concession tickets to full price tickets].
  • Applicable to categories 1 to 3 only.

More promotions and ticketing details can be found on RWS’ website.


Thanks to Resorts World Sentosa for the media invite to review the LightSeeker for the second time, but do note that this does not influence my review of the musical.

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