Tokyo – for Gundam fans

Any Gundam fans out there? Those of you who are crazy about the anime will probably want to visit some or all of the places listed in this post.

I personally am not a Gundam fan but I went to check out some of the places just to tempt a colleague (who’s a die-hard fan of the anime) to visit Tokyo as he hasn’t visited Japan yet!

My adventures took me to DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, which is located at the Odaiba area (one of my favourite places to explore) in Tokyo.

You can pose for pictures with a giant statue from the Gundam anime which resides at the plaza outside the mall.

This is how the statue looks from the back.

There are several performances (FREE!) scheduled daily in the evenings where the statue comes to life (well…sort of) and there are video projections on the screen behind.

Two different shows were scheduled on the evening when I visited – 「GUNDAM Chime みんなのメロディ」 and 「GUNDAM STAND at Jaburo 哀・天使編」, so I decided to watch both (since the shows are free anyway) and record them on video for my colleague. ^_^

「GUNDAM Chime みんなのメロディ」 – this has since been replaced by 「RISE!」 from 26th April 2014 onwards.

In the evenings, the statue will be lit up daily from 18:00~23:00.

Performance Timings
During the day performances, the statue’s head will move and some mist will be released from the statue.
12:00 / 15:00 / 17:00

「RISE!」(approx. 5 min 30 sec) – this show started since 26th April 2014.
20:00 / 21:00

「GUNDAM STAND at Jaburo 哀・天使編」(approx. 13 min)
19:30 / 20:30 / 21:30

For those who may be interested, here’s a video of the show:

Gundam Café

Opening Hours: 10:00~21:00
Located on the 2nd floor of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, this takeaway-only cafe sells Gundam-inspired food items, including lattes with coffee art depicting various Gundam characters. There is also a variety of gifts available at the shop.

Other Gundam Cafes located in Tokyo can be found at Tokyo Station and Akihabara and both these locations allow you to dine in.

Finally, the hardcore Gundam fan certainly won’t want to miss a visit to Gundam Front, a museum dedicated to the anime and this is located on the 7th floor of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza (admission charges apply).

For those who want to take another step further to complete their Gundam experience in Tokyo, Gundam themed rooms can be found at the Grand Pacific Le Daiba hotel so you may want to check that out!

Getting There:

  • Take the JR, Tokyo Metro or Toei Subway to Shimbashi「新橋」station, then take the Yurikamome「ゆりかもめ」monorail (15 min) to Daiba「台場」station and it is a 5 min walk to Diver City.
  • Take the Tokyo Metro to Toyosu「豊洲」station, then take the Yurikamome「ゆりかもめ」monorail (16 min) to Daiba「台場」station.
  • Take the JR or Tokyo Metro to Shinkiba「新木場」station, then take the Rinkai Line「りんかい線」to Tokyo Teleport「東京テレポート」station and it is a 3 min walk to Diver City.
  • Take the JR to Osaki「大崎」station, then take the Rinkai Line「りんかい線」to Tokyo Teleport「東京テレポート」station and it is a 3 min walk to Diver City.
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