Fuji-Q Highland 「富士急ハイランド」 (Part 2 of 3)

Moving on to the “Horror“, “Challenge & Happy” and “Kids” attractions of the theme park…


The Ultimate Horror Maze「最恐戦慄迷宮」

Age Limit: Elementary School kids and above
Number of Visitors: Limited to about 1000 to 1500 people per day
Building: 2 floors
Total Floor area: Approx. 3000 m²
Total Distance that you’ll need to walk: about 900m
Length of time to complete: Approx. 50 min.
Ticket Price: ¥500 (Free Pass cannot be used here)

This is supposed to be the scariest and longest horror house in the world to navigate through and its setting is in a haunted hospital!

I don’t really believe in paying to get myself scared, plus my hubby didn’t want to experience it and I wasn’t planning to navigate the world’s scariest horror maze all by myself, so I didn’t enter.

The building itself looked creepy and whilst I was checking out its exterior, this guy dressed in a blood-stained doctor’s white coat staggered out of the compound and started walking towards us… Time to run (but not before taking one last pic)! Haha…

Gegege no Kitaro’s Monster House「ゲゲゲの妖怪屋敷 妖怪小噺」

This attraction is based on the popular Japanese anime about a bunch of spirit-monsters.

Minimum Age: 3 yrs
Ticket Price: ¥400
Language: Japanese only

I decided to try the attraction here where you sit in a dimly lit room, put on a set of headphones and all the lights will be turned off when they start the audio show.

You can see cardboard cutouts of the characters from the anime as you walk along the path around the back of the “house”.

I entered, sat myself down and they started the audio show. It was totally pitch black in the room and I was all alone. The show’s dialogue is completely in Japanese and you can hear the voices of the characters from the anime. There were some eerie parts where the voice of the youkai will send shivers down your spine and the sound of the heavy breathing in your ear feels like there is really something or someone behind you and breathing down your neck! I must say the audio is pretty good!

The show exits into a souvenir shop where you can find limited edition souvenirs related to the anime.

Typically the foodie in me only looks for food-related souvenirs so I bought a tin of hard candy which has pictures of the anime’s characters on the exterior of the tin. (^o^)

Here are some of its contents:

Fans of this youkai anime will recognise the statues of the characters found in this area.

Konaki-Jijii (子泣き爺, “Little Crying Old Man”) is the first youkai you’ll see when you arrive.

Posing with Kitarō (鬼太郎) and Neko-Musume (猫娘, “Cat Girl”)

Checking out Medama-Oyaji (目玉おやじ), who is seated atop a fortune telling machine…

…and finally, I just had to tell Nezumi-Otoko (ねずみ男, “Rat Man“) not to be a slacker and to go man the souvenir shop.


Ultimate Fort「絶望要塞」
This is a walk-through attraction set up as a labyrinth in a huge fortress with mission tasks to clear in order to escape.

Age Limit: Elementary School Kids and above
Length of time to complete: Approx. 20 min.
Ticket Price: ¥800

The objective is to try to work through a labyrinth of countless doors, corridors, and rooms and strict security set up within the fort and make it out within the time limit. There are different stages inside, with the stages becoming increasingly difficult as you progress through the fort. Each stage is full of hidden clues, secret doorways, and other traps and contraptions all designed to trip you up. This is not the type of maze that can be cleared by merely fumbling around in the dark. Only those who posssess the knowledge, memory power, physical strength, imagination, and most of all, luck will be able to persevere to the end and earn the rank of “Sucessful Escapees” and will be given a prize to recognize their achievement. I didn’t try it as I wasn’t sure if I would have problems deciphering the clues due to language issues.


Ticket Price: ¥800

Fans of the popular animation film series, Neon Genesis Evangelion “Rebuild of Evangelion” will probably want to visit this attraction which is filled with a variety of things from the world of Neon Genesis Evangelion, including the first 3-D life-sized scale model of the “General-purpose, humanoid battle weapon, the Cyborg Evangelion Unit-01” ever built, a life-sized reproduction of the cockpit of an Evangelion, a scale model of “Kaworu Nagisa,” and other items. I don’t follow this anime, so I skipped this.

The rest of the attractions below are all family-friendly rides…

Shining Flower「シャイニング・フラワー」
Ticket Price: ¥500

This should be quite a relaxing ride which you can take to enjoy the surrounding scenery, especially if Mount Fuji isn’t hidden behind clouds. My hubby wasn’t keen on doing this so we just snapped a picture of the giant ferris wheel.


Ticket Price: ¥400

Tea Cup「ティーカップ」

Ticket Price: ¥400

Wave Swinger「ウェーブスウィンガー」

Minimum Height: 110cm
Age Limit: Primary School Kids and above
Ticket Price: ¥500

This rotating swing is the kids’ version of TEKKOTSU BANCHO「鉄骨番長」which I had mentioned earlier in Part 1.


Water Ace (summer) – i.e. paddle boats
Ice Skating Rink (winter)

Go-Kart (1-seat)
Minimum Age: Primary 5
Ticket Price: ¥300

Go-Kart (2-seater)
Minimum Age: 3 yrs
Ticket Price: ¥300


Spotted a corner with some self-driving vehicles for the kids (¥100 for one round)

The Great Fluffy Sky Adventure – A Little Ride on the Clouds「フワフワ お空の大冒険」

Height limit: 100-190cm
Ticket Price: ¥500


The ride vehicles looked sooo cute that I just had to get into one! (ignoring the fact that it isn’t a thrilling ride, but how can you not like Hamtaro?) ^_^


Hamtaro’s Gentle Ocean Ship「ゆらゆら 海のハムSHIP」

Minimum Height: At least 110cm
Age Limit: Up to 64
Ticket Price: ¥500

It’s actually a viking ride, aboard this ship decorated with cute Hamtaro characters.


Exciting Hide and Seek in the Forest「どきどき 森のかくれんぼ」

Minimum Age: 4

Hmm…I’m not sure why I forgot to photograph this! Basically you will need to pedal your ride vehicle around an elevated track.

Photo Credit: Fuji-Q Highland

Kids’ Studio and Characters Shop「キッズスタジオ キャラクターショップ」

This shop sells character merchandise from popular kids’ anime.

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