Fuji-Q Highland 「富士急ハイランド」 (Part 3 of 3)

This final post features “Thomas Land”, eating places within Fuji-Q Highland, “La ville de Gaspard et Lisa”, the Fujiyama gift shop (largest gift shop at the park) and details on how to get to the theme park.

Thomas Land

This area is more for kids, especially those who are fans of the famous tank engine. There are quite a number of photo spots and many kid-friendly rides, so if you know my ride preferences by now, I didn’t try any of the ones in this area! Thus, this last post on the theme park is more of a photo tour!

There are 2 entrances to Thomas Land and I think the one located nearer to the “Shining Flower” ferris wheel looks nicer (i.e. referring to the photo on the left):


You can pose for pictures with the Thomas Monument

…and the Percy Monument.

Thomas’ Party Parade

Ticket Price: ¥300

ThomasLand 3D Theater

Ticket Price: ¥300

GO! GO! Bulstrode

Minimum Height: 90cm
Ticket Price: ¥200


Happy Harold

Ticket Price: ¥200

Everybody Twist

Ticket Price: ¥200


Mischievous Cranky

Ticket Price: ¥200


Exciting Cruise

Ticket Price: ¥200


As a result of wandering around without looking at the map (plus the fact that I wasn’t into kiddy rides), I missed photographing the next 2 attractions! Oops!!

Thomas and Percy’s Fun Ride

Ticket Price: ¥200

Photo Credit: Fuji-Q Highland

Rock’n Roll Duncan

Minimum Age: 3 yrs
Ticket Price: ¥200

Photo Credit: Fuji-Q Highland

Shops and Restaurants within Thomas Land

Station Shop
Special-edition Thomas the Engine goods can be found here.

Lady Hatt’s Afternoon Tea

Castella sponge cakes in the shape of Thomas are sold here.

K’s Thomas Cafe

A fast food restaurant serving a variety of lunch meals, snacks and drinks.

A closer look at what’s on the menu…

Mrs. Kyndley’s Kitchen

This place serves drinks and popcorn in original cups.

Shop & Cafe TIDMOUTH

Special-edition Thomas Land chocolates can be bought here.

Other Eating Places within Fuji-Q Highland

There are 2 burgers being sold at this theme park which cannot be found at any of their other outlets – one of them can be found at Mos Burger and other at Lotteria.

MOS Burger

The specialty burger here is the Fujiyama burger – you can order it on its own or as part of a set (with fries and a soft drink).

Place your orders at the counter on the extreme right, then collect your food from the counter on the left when your number is called (note that they only read out the numbers in Japanese!).

Fujiyama Burger (¥630) – I felt this was similar to their hamburger, except that it had an extra patty of beef. Just ordered one so that we can say “been there, ate that!” LOL…

Pizza-La – Pizzas and soups are sold here and the popular item here is the Fuji-Q Highland original “Tondemina” specialty pizza.

Restaurant Bohatei – This is designed to look like a beach house as it is situated in front of the Great Zaboon. They serve a selection of rice bowl dishes, including bbq.

Ice-cream, okonomiyaki, takoyaki and yakisoba can be bought at this outdoor snack shop located in front of the Fujiyama coaster.

You’ll need to first purchase a ticket from the vending machine, then pass the ticket to the person at the counter, who will prepare your food.

Although the weather was cold, I took an ice cream break between the Dodonpa and Takabisha rides, with white peach and strawberry flavours. ^_^

Food Stadium – This place is like a food court and many food stalls are housed in this building. Local specialties of Yamanashi Prefecture like Yoshida udon and Houtou noodles are popular with diners here.

Lotteria can be found on the 2nd floor and it’s the other place with a burger (Fuji-Q Burger) that is unique to this park only. I didn’t try this as we were already stuffed from lunch, plus we had already booked a mini kaiseki dinner at our hotel, so we had to leave space in our tummies!

I wonder if not many people patronise this place, since there’s a sign outside saying “Non-dining customers are also welcome”! I “parked” my hubby here whilst I went to queue for Takabisha. Haha…well, at least it’s indoors and out of the cold!!

A closer look at the food which is available here…

My hubby discovered something strange in the Male Toilet located just across from the Food Stadium – LOL…is this supposed to be a photo spot?!?!?

Game Stalls can be found just across from the Fujiyama coaster and they are disguised as old-fashioned food stalls.

Upon closer inspection, the fun-fair type games available here are really from a nostalgic era.

La ville de Gaspard et Lisa

Located just outside Fuji-Q Highland adjacent to the Highland Resort Hotel, this area is decorated to resemble a French village and you can even pose for pictures with a scaled down version of the Eiffel Tower! Admission is free, but there are 2 kiddy rides available here which you’ll have to buy tickets for if you wish to ride them (the Free Pass can be used for these rides).

For those who are unfamiliar, Gaspard (the black dog with a blue scarf) and Lisa (the white dog with a red scarf) are from a popular kids’ animation series which centres on two canine friends who go on various adventures.

Carousel (¥400, Free Pass can be used), gardens and Eiffel Tower

Gaspard and Lisa motifs can be found here.

Posing with the Eiffel Tower.

Paris Cart

Ticket: ¥400 (Free Pass can be used for this ride)

I left the theme park and I needed to rest my feet after a full day of queuing and walking, plus I wanted to maximise the use of my Free Pass, so this was my last ride of the day! Haha…

It is essentially a family-friendly ride and Gaspard and Lisa are back-seat passengers in the ride vehicle.

There are different coloured ride vehicles.

Basically this ride will take you through various scenes from the book series.


Gaspard and Lisa themed shops, bakeries and food stalls can be found at this Parisian street.

Look closely at this shop’s name and you can find Gaspard and Lisa motifs!

Interior of the shop…

There’s a museum on the 2nd floor (Admission is free), so we went to check it out!

Some of the exhibits include autographed drawings from Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensbelen, the creators of the book series.

Limited edition goods are sold at the shop!


Cafe Brioche

There are limited edition cakes and food being sold at this cafe!


Cookies shaped like Lisa and Gaspard can be bought here.

Food Stalls

This stall sells steamed meat buns, soups (corn and minestrone were available that day), hot coffee and hot wine (hmm…interesting).

Here’s other stall which sells sausages, bacon and fried chicken and somehow this one seems to be more popular.

Character-themed Hotel Rooms

Die-hard fans can check-in to the Highland Resort Hotel which has Lisa-themed and Gaspard-themed rooms.

Gaspard Room

Photo Credit: Highland Resort Hotel

Lisa Room

Photo Credit: Highland Resort Hotel

Themed Restaurant

In addition, there is also a Lisa and Gaspard themed restaurant located on the ground floor of the Highland Resort Hotel.

Photo Credit: Highland Resort Hotel

Fujiyama Gift Shop

This is the theme park’s biggest gift shop and it’s located outside the park.

You can find souvenir items related to the theme park, as well as items from the surrounding region (e.g. Mt Fuji mementos).


You can buy clothing related to the extreme coasters…


…as well as foodstuffs!


I managed to find a FREE souvenir ink stamp here to add to my collection! ^_^

Getting There:

Fuji-Q Highland
5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara. Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017 Japan

By Bus:
Reservations are required for the Highway Buses.

By Highway Bus from Tokyo:
From Shinjuku’s West Exit Highway Bus terminal, board the Highway Bus headed for Kawaguchiko「河口湖」 or Yamanakako「山中湖」 and alight at Kawaguchiko Station「河口湖駅」.

Shinjuku Station (West Exit)
Take Chuo Highway Bus Fujigoko Line (app 100 min)

Inquiry and Reservation:
Fujikyu Highway Bus Reservation Center: 0555-73-8181
Keio Highway Bus Reservation Center: 03-5376-2222

Tokyo Station (Yaesu Exit)
Take Tomei Highway bus (app 150 min)

Inquiry and Reservation: Fujikyu Highway Bus Reservation Center: 0555-73-8181

Yokohama Station(West Exit)
Take Tomei Highway Bus at West Exit of Yokohama Station (app 150 min)

Inquiry and Reservation: Fujikyu Highway Bus Reservation Center: 0555-73-8181

By Train from Tokyo:
From Shinjuku take the JR Chuo Line「中央線」, change at Otsuki station「大月駅」 to the Fujikyu Railway「富士急行線」 to Fujikyu Highland Station「駅」.

Osaka and Kyoto Stations
The bus departs from Abenobashi Station (JR Tenno Area) and arrives at Meishin Ibaraki, Takatsuki and Hachijo Exit of Kyoto Station.

Inquiry and Reservation
Fujikyu Highway Bus Reservation Center: 0555-73-8181
Kintetsu Highway Bus Center 06-6772-1631

Main JR Stations
■ Take JR Tokaido Shinkansen to Shin-Fuji Station.
Take Fujikyu Bus to Fuji-Q Highland (approx. 120 min)

■ Take JR Gotenba Line to Gotenba Station.
Take Fujikyu Bus to Kawaguchiko Station (approx. 120 min)

■ Take JR Tokaido Shinkansen to JR Mishima Station.
Take Fujikyu Bus to Kawaguchiko Station (approx. 120 min)

■ Take JR Chuo Main Line to Kofu Station.
Take Fujikyu Bus to Fujisan Station (approx. 120 min)

If you are staying at the Lake Kawaguchi area, you can take either one of the following:

■ Fujikyu train line from Kawaguchiko station to Fujikyu Highland station, which is just one stop away.
■ Retro Bus (red line) from Kawaguchiko station to the Highland Resort Hotel bus stop.

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4 thoughts on “Fuji-Q Highland 「富士急ハイランド」 (Part 3 of 3)

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  3. Charlott

    Your blog has given me lots of information. Thanks! Do you think it is possible to cover everywhere from the thrill rides to thomas land to La Ville..?


    • Are you planning to cover every single attraction including the kiddy rides? I don’t think you will be able to finish them all in one day! The 4 extreme coasters have the longest queues and each queue is about a 60-110 min wait. In fact, most of the “Screamer” rides (if you have read Part 1 of this series) have a fair amount of people queuing for them as they are the more thrilling rides at the park. Also note that the Horror Maze will take about 50min to complete and Ultimate Fort takes 20min, so plan your time carefully.

      The “La ville de Gaspard et Lisa” zone is located outside the park with only 2 kiddy rides and there’s practically no queues. Even the rides at Thomas Land don’t have any queues. Note that I went in April (avoiding Golden Week and other holidays) so it was kind of off peak at that time. When are you planning to go?


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