Asahi Red Eye「アサヒレッドアイ」 – Tomato Beer Cocktail

We were taking a ride on the Tokyo Metro and spotted an interesting advertisement in the train for Asahi Red Eye「アサヒレッドアイ」. It was a canned drink under the Asahi brand and upon further scrutinization, we read that it was a tomato beer cocktail! Hmm….tomatoes + beer?? What a strange combination!!

My other half insisted on trying it and off we went to the nearest convenience store a.k.a. konbini 「コンビニ」 to look for it. We checked at the FamilyMart at our hotel but they didn’t stock the product, so we headed over to Lawson and managed to find it there.

Asahi Red Eye

Alcohol content: 3.5%
Tomato Juice (Kagome brand): 20%

When you first pop the can, the drink smells like tomatoes! I poured it out into a glass and found its colour was a little reddish – just like a mixture of light beer and tomato juice. The beer was indeed light, plus it was smooth but didn’t have the strong taste of beer as the flavour was overpowered by the tomato juice. I love drinking tomato juice so I kinda liked the taste of this cocktail, which also had lemon juice as one of the ingredients.

If you’re not a fan of ketchup or tomato juice, then I would suppose that you may not like this cocktail. However, you only live once and quoting a German friend who once said this to me, “You should try all things at least once. If you don’t like it, that’s fine but at least you’ve tried it!”

I’ll probably buy this again, or perhaps do some experimentation at home and come up with my own concoction! ^_^

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