Easter Egg Hunt at Tokyo Disneyland「エッグハント・イン・東京ディズニーランド」

This was my first time visiting Tokyo Disneyland at this time of the year and the current theme is “Disney’s Easter” 「ディズニー・イースター」, so I decided to go on an easter egg hunt!

“Disney’s Easter” runs from 2nd April to 23rd June 2014.

You’ll first need to purchase the egg hunt map from either of the following locations:

  • event booth in the Plaza
  • Royal Street Veranda
  • Cleo’s
  • Space Place FoodPort

I purchased mine from one of the event booths located at the Plaza (i.e. the roundabout located in front of the Cinderella Castle). The egg hunt seems to be a very popular activity and there’s perpetually long lines at the booths! It takes about 15 min before you get to the front of the line.

There are 2 egg hunt courses with different levels of difficulty (different pricing too due to the prize/present you’ll receive at the end).

The “Standard” course「スタンダードコース」 costs ¥510 and takes about 2 hours to complete.

Open the map and a bunny will pop-up!  Cute!!

There are a total of 18 locations on the map where eggs have been hidden and you’ll need to locate the 5 eggs which are shown at the bottom of the map (Mickey, Donald, Dumbo, Sulley and Woody).  If you are a Disneyland fan, you’ll probably be able to guess where you can find those 5 eggs.

These are what you can get at the end of the hunt (1 present/prize per egg hunt map) – an egg ornament with a neck strap. These come in 5 designs – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy.

Photo Credit: Tokyo Disneyland

The “Expert” course「エキスパートコース」 on the other hand costs ¥1030 and will take 3 hours to complete. However, you’ll need to be proficient in Japanese as this particular hunt comprises of a bunch of clues (in Japanese only), which you’ll need to decipher.

Photo Credit: Tokyo Disneyland

There are a total of 3 sets of clues and 3 different bag charm designs which you can collect, depending on the date of your visit.

  • 2nd April-30th April 「第I期」:  Chip and Dale
  • 1st May-28th May 「第II期」:  Minnie Mouse
  • 29th May-23rd June 「第III期」:  Mickey Mouse

The “Expert” map also has a bunny pop-up and here are the clues for Phase I「第I期」(2nd April-30th April):

A ferris wheel which looks delicious??  Hmm…where exactly do we need to look????!!!

These are the clues for Phase II「第II期」(1st May-28th May):

Unfortunately, I’m not an expert in the Japanese language and can only understand half of the clues. If you interpret them wrongly then I guess you will be looking in all the wrong places!

Thus, I opted for the “Standard” course as all that you’re required to do is to search in the 18 marked locations to find 5 eggs which correspond to the stickers given in the sheet and stick them onto locations on the map to mark where you’ve found the eggs. Sounds easy enough right?

Okay, let’s begin… 頑張ります!

This was the first egg which I spotted immediately after I bought the map! I just turned round the corner and there it was!!


Lady and the Tramp – Cute! However, looking at it started to make me feel hungry….

Now why am I not surprised that Stitch will be hanging out with a bunch of tikis…LOL…

Hey, I was looking for a bite to eat and found the egg for the “Expert” course「第I期」 without having to decipher any clues!  Hmm…


Country Bear eggs!

Woody and Jessie


Brer Rabbit, with Brer Bear and Brer Fox


Hmm…Snow White and the 7 eggs? :p

Ohh…Alice in Wonderland theme!


Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse


Pluto watching the Easter Bunny…

Chip and Dale eggs – Love these!!

Mickey and Minnie – How adorable!

The Easter Bunny also makes an appearance in front of Minnie’s house!

No prizes for guessing where the Goofy egg is hidden! ^_^


Ohh…I found another egg from the “Expert” course「第I期」!… Hey, should I have tried that hunt instead?…

How apt to find Lightning McQueen and Mater here!

Buzz and Emperor Zurg

Mike and Sulley – Oh wow…this Sulley egg is the largest of all the eggs that I’ve seen on the egg hunt!!

There is one more egg that can be found in this zone which I am kicking myself for and wondering how in the world did I miss it!! The R2D2 egg!!!…Arrgghhh….my favourite Star Wars character and I didn’t spot the egg!! Guess I was too busy trying to complete the egg hunt, plus trying to maximise my time at the park as I wanted to do as many rides as possible and catch the various shows and parades (only spent 1 day here – which isn’t enough to complete everything).

When you’ve found all the 5 eggs, head to the “Goal” to claim your prize/present.


This is located just outside the park entrance. As you’ll need to exit the park to redeem your prizes, if you are returning to the park, do ensure that you have your admission tickets with you and obtain a handstamp from the park attendants at the exit, for re-admission later.

There is also a long queue here!!

The crew will verify whether you’ve gotten all the answers correct – if you haven’t, they will ask you where you think the correct location of the egg is, remove the sticker and paste it onto the correct location (We had 2 incorrect answers! Although we did find the eggs, we pasted the stickers onto the wrong location on the map – I guess we should have counterchecked the egg hunt map against the park map!). No matter whether you’ve gotten it right the first time or not, you’ll still be able to collect your prize/present.

This is the lucky dip for the “Standard” course – one dip per egg hunt map. You won’t know which egg ornament you’ll get!

What did I get?  I was hoping to get one Mickey egg and one Minnie egg….

….but I got 2 Minnie eggs instead!

The egg hunt is suitable for all ages and is really enjoyable!! Even my hubby, who frowned at me when I first told him I wanted to do the hunt, concluded that it was fun!! LOL…

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3 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt at Tokyo Disneyland「エッグハント・イン・東京ディズニーランド」

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  2. c

    Great post! Really want to try the easter egg hunt with my child but as I don’t know any Japanese I was worried to disappoint them if couldn’t find it all with no prize at the end. It’s great to know you still get a prize if you don’t get it all correct. : )


    • Thanks! The “Standard” course is not that difficult as the possible egg locations are shown on the egg hunt map.

      Yes, the staff are quite nice about it if you don’t get it correct. They will not give you the correct answers but will only tell you which ones are wrong, so you’ll have to correct them yourself until they say you are right! Agree that it would have been disappointing if you have spent money for the hunt but yet unable to get a prize.


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