Mickey and Duffy’s Spring Voyage (Tokyo DisneySea)

Ahhh…a familiar sight when the monorail got to Tokyo DisneySea station. お久しぶり!

As we approached the entrance to Mediterranean Harbor, we could see the area was decorated to reflect the latest special event at the park – Mickey and Duffy’s Spring Voyage (2nd April to 23rd June 2014).

Picture taken at the same spot after dark:

Let me take you on a photo tour of what’s different at the park during this season…

Synopsis of the event:

“Mickey and Duffy together with Minnie Mouse and ShellieMay embark on a cruise from Cape Cod to see how spring is celebrated around Tokyo DisneySea.

Dressed in costumes that reflect the colourful season, they visit Mediterranean Harbor with its romantic Italian festival of spring, travel to American Waterfront for the lively Easter party, and then in Arabian Coast they find a magical celebration of the season.”

For those who are unfamiliar with who Duffy is, he is a teddy bear that Minnie made for Mickey on the night of his departure, to keep him from feeling lonely on the long voyage.

What looked like tapestries from afar – upon closer inspection, we discovered they were actually pieced together using flowers!


More flowers and banners of the current event – these are just some of the decorations which can be found around the park.

OMG… there were even topiary plants shaped to resemble two of Disney’s most popular mice! How cute!!



Lido Isle Welcome to Spring

This show takes place at Lido Isle in Mediterranean Harbor and is a festival themed to springtime in Italy.

There is limited seating available and I only arrived 10min before the start of the show, thus had a partially obstructed view.

Easter in New York

This was a parade held at Waterfront Park. There was already a long queue at the entrance to the parade area about an hour before it started. Unfortunately, I was rushing off to use my Fastpass (for the Indiana Jones ride) before it expired and thus didn’t have time to go queue for the parade!

“Mickey Mouse and Duffy take Minnie Mouse and ShellieMay to American Waterfront to enjoy the Easter festivities and take part in an Easter bonnet parade. The Disney friends enjoy a wonderful time in this delightful celebration of springtime in New York.”

Springtime Surprise

Location: Courtyard in Arabian Coast

The area welcomes a uniquely wonderful spring filled with flowers, thanks to Genie’s magic!

People started sitting around and waiting for the show as early as 2 hours before!

For the finale, everyone sings and dances with Minnie in the centre surrounded by flowers.


Meditarranean Harbor will be adorned with colourful flowers and plants, and Guests will also find benches decorated with motifs of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. The decorations in American Waterfront will feature colourful eggs, while Waterfront Park will have statues of Mickey and Minnie, created from flowers and plants, enjoying Easter in New York City. Arabian Coast will be blooming with unique flowers shaped like Genie for a special photo location that enhances this magical and enchanting world.

In addition, there are 4 spots in the park with floral Duffy bears!


Genie flowers!

Floral Genie and Duffy bear.

More floral decorations at Arabian Coast…

Add a pair of Duffy bears to the picture – do you think it looks nicer??

More Genie flowers…

…and yet another photo spot!


At Cape Cod…

Couldn’t help taking this pic of a sparrow balancing on the fence post! ^_^

More flowers and Duffy bear decorations…

Located across from the SS Columbia:

At Waterfront Park – the venue for the Easter in New York show.

Back view.

This particular Spring decoration comprised of many Easter eggs…

…and there was a duck who kept hanging around the display and refused to leave! Perhaps it was “guarding” the eggs??  LOL…


I couldn’t find anyone with Duffy bears which I could “loan” for this next picture, hence the empty seat.

More flowers…

…and a nicely decorated bench which makes for a nice photo spot.


About 170 different types of merchandise themed to “Mickey and Duffy’s Spring Voyage” are available but unfortunately, I had spent too much time queuing for rides/shows and hunting for the special decorations, thus didn’t have time to hit the shops!


There were some special food items recommended for this season and these were the ones that I went to check out…

Cape Cod Cook-Off had a special set of Pork & Braised Vegetables on Rye Bread, French Fries, Maple Pudding, with a choice of Soft Drink.

However, I was more interested in what was being sold at Cape Cod Confections!

Happy Duffy  ハッピーダッフィー(ミックスベリー) and Iced Mixed Berry Milk Tea (アイスミックスベリーミルクテイー).

The Duffy dessert was too cute to be eaten!! Once you bite into it, you will find that the dough has a chewy mochi-like texture and contains a yummy and smooth mixed berry cream which wasn’t too sweet and had bits of fruit in it.

I loved the milk tea as it was very fragrant and tasted like royal milk tea, except that it also contained mixed berry jam, plus an additional topping of roasted almond bits. It looked like a strange concoction when I first saw it but once you have mixed it well, it’s really oishii and I will definitely order it again if it’s still available when I visit the park again in the future.

Overall, it was nice seeing all the floral decorations of the season but unfortunately I only spent one day at the park and there was insufficient time to cover everything due to the long queues.

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