Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons – 1st Anniversary Ise Ebi Lobster Tonkotsu Ramen!

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons at Bugis Village was celebrating its 1st anniversary today with a special ramen created for this occasion – Ise Ebi Lobster Tonkotsu Ramen at SGD$10 nett per bowl!

This ramen will only be served all-day, for one day only on 11th May 2014 and is available from 11am-3pm (Lunch) and from 5pm until the soup stock runs out (Dinner)! According to their Facebook page and the flyers on the door, only 500 bowls will be available.

I arrived at about 2pm and there was a queue outside the entrance. My hubby and I joined the line and were given numbers 296 and 297 – yay…was initially worried that it would be sold out by the time we got there!

Whilst in the queue, the staff entertained us by getting us to play some games, with a chance to win some prizes.

Each customer got a chance to try their hand at the Japanese Kendama game「けん玉」.  けん玉の技が非常に難しいと思います! I tried to get the ball into the cup but failed miserably! 😦

My hubby on the other hand, succeeded twice and won some Green Tea Cola!! I’ve tried this drink before and it’s nice!

We finally got a table and saw the chefs busy at work.  お疲れ様でした!

Here’s my bowl of delicious Ise Ebi Lobster Tonkotsu Ramen「伊勢海老豚骨ラーメン」.  美味しいそう?


The lobster soup was flavourful and its taste wasn’t overpowering. It had a nice colour and you can tell from its rich flavour that the soup stock had been boiled for a long time. The noodles came with generous servings of pork slices, menma (bamboo shoot), some greens and half an egg.

They used to serve a crab stock ramen at their Parco branch, which has since ceased operations after the closure of Parco. I prefer this lobster version over the crab, which had a stronger seafood taste.

I do hope they will consider making this lobster ramen a permanent item on their menu! It is really good and would be a shame if other customers who haven’t tasted it yet don’t get an opportunity to try it! I’m sure those who have tried it would definitely agree that they will go back and order it again if it’s available!

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons  豚骨王四季(春夏秋冬)
158 Rochor Road, Bugis Village,
Singapore 188433.

Telephone: +65 6333-5740

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 11:30~14:30 / 17:00~22:30
Sat-Sun & holidays 11:30~22:30

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