Halloween Horror Nights 2014: Inauguration Ceremony of Minister Jonah Goodwill

It all started with a poll whereby the public had a say in voting who they wanted as their leader for Halloween Horror Nights 2014 – a military hero or finance titan?

Photo Credit: Universal Studios Singapore

Before you knew it, it was announced that Jonah Goodwill had obtained a landslide victory and subsequently, I received this invitation in the mail which was affixed with Goodwill’s seal!…


Its contents revealed a charred and bloodstained note with details on when the inauguration ceremony would be held.


Fancy attending a Halloween event in the middle of July! Curiosity got the better of me, so off I went…

We were handed blood-stained lanyards at the registration counter…


…and were then ushered to Pantages Hollywood Theater where Goodwill’s bodyguards had stationed themselves at strategic parts of the foyer.

I have to say that these are tall and good-looking bodyguards! ^_^

Anticipating the Minister’s arrival…

…and now we get a first look at Jonah Goodwill – in person!

We found that he was a sterned faced character and nothing could bring a smile to that face! (someone tried to get him to pose but got glared at instead!!)

Watch his red-carpet entrance in this video:

A photo-op was available and I managed to get a picture with him!

If you think that he looks like a decent guy, you are sooo wrong!!

We later watched him show his true colours as the Minister of Evil. There was a Q&A session at the inauguration that got into a chaotic situation with some protesters and resulted in one of them bursting into flames on the stage!

Photo Credit: Universal Studios Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa

I must say it was entertaining but as I was seated at the front row, it was a bit unnerving as I could feel the extreme heat from the flames!

Jonah Goodwill <=> Minister of Evil

Photo Credit: Universal Studios Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa

How many of you will dare to make a date with him this October?

Photo Credit: Universal Studios Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa

If you have the patience to watch (approx. 26 mins), here’s the full video of the Halloween Horror Nights 4 (HHN4) launch event which gives more insight into Jonah Goodwill and his accomplishments, plus what can be expected this year (Note: some scenes may be disturbing to young children), else continue reading…

Scott D. Peterson (Senior Producer) and Jason Ramsburg (Creative Director) then took the stage to tell us more about this year’s event. There will be 13 nights of horror, with a total of 4 scare zones, 4 haunted houses and 444 scare actors roaming the park! (did you notice the inauspicious numbers??) 9 rides and attractions will also be available during the event.

One of the highlights is the Opening Scaremony held at 7:30pm nightly, featuring Jonah Goodwill, the Minister of Evil.


All hell has broken loose in the streets of New York and Jonah Goodwill has unleashed his fury on the whole world! A giant crack can be found in the middle of the street with hot bubbling lava and demon minions crawling out from it! There will also be aerial stunts, with demons climbing up and down the walls. Showtimes aren’t fixed as the performances will occur randomly throughout the night.

Held at Sting Alley, which is at the area connecting New York to Sci-Fi City (you can enter from either side), the setup of this area will be similar to a house, with dark nooks and crannies where you will find the bogeyman haunting little children, assisted by some demon children and adults! Sounds creepy!!

Visitors entering the Egypt Zone of the park will be transported to a frontier town in Texas in the year 1864, which is haunted by undead zombies, dead horses, American indians and gun slingers. According to Ramsburg, it will be an immersive theatrical experience!

Over in the forest at Jurassic Park, you will find twisted fairytales (halloween version) and an extremely upset Rapunzel who is freaking out as she has lost most of her hair! The usually sweet Little Red Riding Hood has also turned into a killer!!


THE L.A.B. – Laboratory of Alien Breeding
Aliens are trying to murder our species and create alien-human hybrid species. Enough said.

This setting is of a military torture camp and the stories have been inspired by local urban military legends. The Minister of Evil has placed an evil Sergeant Major in-charge and he has been torturing all the new recruits, by hanging them, forcing them into cannibalism, etc… (in case you are wondering – the word mati in the Malay language means dead or to die)

Jing is a schoolgirl who hated school and the fact that her peers didn’t treat her very well, thus resulting in her suicide at the school. Several years later, her ghost has come back to haunt the school children…

This haunted house is designed to resemble the pre-war schools with eerie, dilapidated classrooms and visitors will meet different forms of Jing. There will also be a blackboard which writes itself – imagine a piece of chalk writing on the board… interesting!!

This will be Singapore’s first 3D haunted house which incorporates Chromadepth 3D paintings. Visitors will put on 3D glasses and be transported into a psychedelic experience. Warning – you might turn into a coulrophobic after being terrified by a loony serial killer clown named Jack (this character first appeared in Universal Studios Orlando in 2000).

There will also be a live stage performance at Pantage’s Hollywood Theater called JACK’S NIGHTMARE CIRCUS, where you can get to meet Jack (i.e. that crazy wacky serial killer clown), who is looking for the next star of his circus. He forces all potential auditionees into unimaginable feats of torture. Come meet Jack, contortionists, dancers and Gordo Gamsby, a 9-time Guinness World Record holder for doing bizarre feats.

After all that exciting news and meeting the Minister, we headed over to KT’s Grill for a dinner buffet (sorry, the foodie in me just had to get some food pics into this post!).

Halloween-themed food was served, from coffin fish to bloody eye balls!

I didn’t photograph all the dishes so these are just some of them…

Night Crawler Noodle (Spaghetti with Meat Balls & Tomato Cream Sauce) – yummy!

Vampire Fresh Fruit Platter

Bloody Eye Ball Jelly (Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Longan)

Mini Halloween Cup Cakes – I thought these were cute! The cupcakes came in different flavours and I especially liked the one with blueberries in it.


Event Dates & Times
3-5, 10-11, 17-18, 22-25, 31 Oct, 1 Nov

General Admission $68
Early Bird Promo $60 (limited time offer)
Frequent Fear Pass $118 (includes 7 nights of fear and a themed mug worth $18)

For more details on ticket prices and online ticketing, check out www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg or www.rwsentosa.com.
Alternatively, you can visit any Universal Studios Singapore ticket booth or phone +65 6577 8899.

Thanks to Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) for the media invite!

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