Alive Museum in Singapore

Alive Museum is the second 3D art museum which hails from Korea and opened in Singapore in June 2014, i.e. several days after the Trick Eye Museum had opened at Resorts World Sentosa.

Is 3D art expected to be a big hit on our shores? I wonder…

I must say that I had enjoyed myself tremendously at the Trick Eye Museum and was wondering how this one would compare, thus my hubby and I went to check it out…

The entrance to the museum has 2 paintings which you can pose with (admission fee not required).


As for the exhibits in the museum, I’ll start off with this picture in which it appears as if you’re a kid being cradled.

Alternatively, you can become a giant baby’s plaything!

On the theme of being manhandled, here’s another one…

…and another…


Ok, enough of being picked on by these virtual characters! Let’s move on…

Fans of superheroes and cartoon characters will probably enjoy it here as you can have your picture taken with them.

Here’s one where you can get some famous personalities like Beckham and Bruce Lee (and even Spiderman!) to kowtow to you.

Superman to the rescue! You’ll need to pose and coordinate with your photographer on this one. I think my picture didn’t quite turn out right… LOL

Hulk – I thought this looked a little bizarre as you’ll need to align your body so that half is visible and gets reflected in the mirror! (up to your own interpretation)

Kungfu Panda – Now this is gross! You’ll never think of chocolate ice-cream in the same way again!

This scene with a flying house has a character who looks like Russell, that little boy scout from the movie “Up”.

You can pose and become the pupils in E.T.’s eyes, which I thought was a little weird, but we took a photo anyway just for the fun of it.

Charlie Chaplin – I felt the illusion didn’t quite work as you can see the door in the wall which leads to the next room of 3D paintings.

Here I am trying to stop a busload of foreign dignitaries!

Hmm…we weren’t quite sure what to do in this hall of mirrors but here’s a sample shot. Ladies, if you are planning to wear a skirt to this place, be warned – everything will be reflected in the mirrors! (i.e. the floor is also mirrored)

Experience life under the sea as a mermaid!

What do you think of this dragon?

Having “fun” with the Merlion – I should have brought an umbrella!

Being sucked into a whirlpool from the waters originating from MBS…

Hanging around and enjoying the skyline – I thought the shadows kinda spoiled the visual effect.

Meerkats – again the spotlights cast shadows onto the picture.



This painting with the giraffe is one of my favourites but positioning yourself for the photo was a bit challenging!

Here’s one with an elephant…

…and another…

Ohh…I absolutly adored this picture of the penguins!

Couldn’t help taking another shot but with a different pose. ^_^

This next scene looks like something out of a bad dream (or perhaps it may be an exciting adventure to some?)…

Attempting some ballet…

…followed by some circus acts…

…and acrobatic feats!


There’s also a sports section and you can try kayaking…

…and table tennis.

This basketball court is created based on concept of the Ames room.

I’m not sure what happened but I guess this guy needed some help to remove a tooth?

Finally, I’ll end this post by sailing away dreamily in a paper boat… ^_^

Verdict: The entire museum is divided into multiple rooms with the clever use of wall partitions and you’ll need to get to the next room by opening a door. Do note that you won’t be able to return to the previous room as the door only has a handle on one side of it. This could result in overcrowding at a particular room if many people waiting for their turn to take pictures with the paintings. Be careful when opening the doors as there could be someone standing behind it! Gosh…I’ve never opened/closed so many doors in a single day!

I felt the lighting ruined quite a number of the shots as the spotlights either cast shadows or had reflections in the pictures. The museum doesn’t encourage the usage of your camera flash in order for the pictures to turn out nice and thus I didn’t use any. However, the spotlights either caused parts of the picture to be overexposed, some created reflections or shadows onto the paintings, and some caused your face to be overexposed. If you use your camera flash, you’d probably create reflections of the flash in the photo too!

I only had 2 favourites out of the entire collection and they were the one with the giraffe and the painting with the penguins.

Overall, it’s a good rainy day activity, especially if you enjoy posing for photos. However, it’s best to go on a weekday to avoid the crowds and other people getting into your pictures!

Alive Museum
Suntec City Mall #03-372 (between Towers 3 & 4)

Opening Hours:
Daily from 10am to 10pm (last admission at 9pm)

Ticket Prices:
Adult 13 yrs and above: S$25
Child 3 – 12 yrs: S$20
Package 2 Adults + 1 Child: S$60
Check their website for further promotions.

Getting There by MRT:
5 min walk from Promenade Station (Circle Line, CC4) Exit C. Walk into the East Atrium (between Towers 3 and 4) and take the lifts / escalator up to the 3rd level (one floor up from Toys R Us)

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