Insadong Korea Town at RWS

**UPDATE** This place closed for further renovations a few weeks after it opened and recently re-opened in December. The new method of ordering is via self-service kiosks and the place where drinks were previously purchased from has been converted to a drinks and desserts corner.
Read my review on the re-vamped restaurant (with 14 food items!). click on the link

Insadong Korea Town opened at Resorts World Sentosa on 1st September and although I’m not a big fan of Korean food, I went to check it out…

Its main entrance is decorated to look like those traditional Korean buildings and I took some pictures of how it looks during both day and night.

This place can seat over 300 diners and is decorated to resemble the famous Insadong street in Seoul, Korea.

There are some decorations and a door along its side wall but you are not allowed to enter from there and have to return to the front to get in.

On the immediate left upon entering, is the counter where drinks can be purchased from.

Food orders are placed at this other counter located directly ahead and payment is made upon ordering.

The menu is displayed on the wooden partition next to the cashier counter.

I spotted my favourite Korean dish (grilled Galbi) so I went with that! I’m very selective when it comes to Korean cuisine as I don’t like all forms of kimchi (except one with raw crab in red pepper paste) and even though I’ve previously stayed in Seoul for one month on a business trip, that experience still didn’t change my mind about the food! I guess my tastebuds are rather hard to please! **sheepish grin**

Once you have made your payment, you will be given a ticket with a queue number (one for each food item), so go find a seat and wait for your number to be flashed on the TV screen, then collect your food from the “Food Distribution” counter.

The decor at the far end looks quite interesting.

If you are dining with a bunch of friends, you can consider sitting at this roadside cart. Cutlery can be obtained here.

When your ticket number is displayed, collect your food from this “Food distribution counter”.

There are side glass panels next to it where you can actually peek into the kitchen to watch the chefs at work.

GALBI GUI (Grilled Prime Beef Ribs) – The boneless beef slices were well marinated and very tender. This set is served with a bowl of rice and 3 side dishes (anchovies, pickled radish and kimchi). The little dish next to the beef contains some kind of bean paste which you can use as a dip for the beef. MSG-intolerant folks may want to skip this bean paste (I was thirsty the whole afternoon after the meal!). Taste-wise it was good but the food got cold when I was halfway through the meal. It would have been perfect if the food was kept warm until I was done with my meal! Hopefully they will take this into consideration!

Here’s a closer look at the delicious morsels of beef!

LA GALBI GUI (Korean Style Grilled Beef Ribs) – Each slice of beef was attached to a bone but the meat was chewier than the Galbi Gui (see previous dish) and thus was a bit difficult to separate from the bone! Raw vegetables were given in a side cup and you can dip them into the accompanying bean paste and eat them with the beef. I think I prefer the Galbi Gui over this although it costs a bit more (+$4) but the meat tastes better and isn’t as chewy.

JJAJANGMYEON (Korean Black Soybean Sauce Noodle) – This is my hubby’s favourite Korean dish and thus he ordered the one here to try. The sauce was flavourful with a wok hei taste and he enjoyed the noodles very much except for the fact that it was a meatless dish. I tasted the sauce and it was good!

BUCHU JEON (Chive Pancake) – It was a combination of chewy flour dough and chives and somehow tasted better after you’ve dipped it into the sauce. I didn’t really like the texture of the pancake and I’m not a fan of chives, so my hubby ate it all! LOL… Anyway, this was a complimentary dish for RWS Invites members if you spend over $20 in a single receipt (promotion period from 1 – 30 September 2014).

When you are done eating, return your food tray to either the “Return tray counter” or the tray racks which can be found at several spots within this eatery.

Verdict:  Out of the dishes which we had tried, I only liked the Galbi Gui and my hubby said he would come again for the JjaJangMyeon.

On my way out, I spotted something interesting but I wasn’t sure what it was – A snack?? A dessert?? Curiosity got the better of me so I went to enquire about it. The cane is actually a corn snack and is a hollow shell, so vanilla ice-cream will be pumped into it when you purchase it. Apparently it is known as ‘Jipangyi‘, a traditional crispy corn snack in Korea.

Insadong Korea Town

Resorts World Sentosa, Waterfront
26 Sentosa Gateway, #01-30/31/32/33, Sentosa, Singapore 098138.

Where exactly is it located within RWS?
If you have entered Sentosa via the boardwalk, it’s right next to the Malaysian Food Street. However, if you are getting there from Waterfront station or the S.E.A. Aquarium, it’s located just beside Slappy Cakes.

Operating Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm

Tel No: +65 6238 8221

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3 thoughts on “Insadong Korea Town at RWS

  1. Great review. RWS have a few of these concept areas now, such as Japanese Gourmet Alley, and Malaysian Food Street. I really love the look of Insadong Korea Town; I do like most Korean food, and I was delighted to see the ice cream corn cones at the end! Along with kimbap, they are my fave Korean snack! One question, did they sell potato hot dogs in the street food section?


    • No, I didn’t see any potato hot dogs. Who knows…perhaps they may introduce it one day? Will check the next time I’m over there and will let you know. 🙂


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